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Continuing Professional Development Courses

Academic teams may wish to offer CPD courses for a variety of reasons, often following a request by an external body such as an employer or in response to wider local, regional, national or professional initiatives. A successful offering of CPD can enhance the University’s reputation and profile and constitute an important building block in terms of promoting the University to external communities.

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) courses are defined by HEFCE as: "a range of short and/[or] long…programmes…which foster the development of employment related knowledge, skills and understanding. Reflecting this, Liverpool Hope University defines CPD as courses:

  • designed to develop employment-related skills and/or knowledge, where employment-related includes, but is wider than, professional or vocational training;
  • designed to meet the needs of employers and their workforce and/or individuals who share a work-related interest;
  • which may be profession-specific or develop generic professional skills;
  • which may be credit or non-credit bearing;
  • which are designed, developed and delivered* by University staff;
  • which may be flexible in timing or mode of delivery and
  • which should normally generate a profit
[*this does not exclude the use of guest speakers]

Two kinds of CPD are recognised, credit-bearing and non-credit bearing. Information about the processes governing approval of credit rated and non-credit
Continuing Professional Development Courses can be found in the handbook below.
Continuing Professional Development Handbook