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Departmental Review

A Departmental Review is an all-round review of the Department’s academic functioning: proven past, evidenced present and likely future. As such it assesses the Department’s present status, its achievements against its previously planned goals and objectives, and its future plans and ambitions. The Review is concerned with four main areas

  1. The effectiveness of the Department’s structures, management and leadership.
  2. The quality of the Department’s teaching and learning practices and approach to enhancement of the student learning experience; this will include the extent to which the department’s programmes are fully up-to-date, reflect external reference points and draw upon the most recent scholarship and research;
  3. The quality of the Department’s research and scholarly activity (which includes the extent to which this is integrated into its teaching and learning strategy);
  4. The quality and extent of the Department’s contribution to the Corporate Plan of the University (including its contribution to the University’s stated mission and values);

Departmental Reviews are undertaken on a quinquennial basis and a schedule approved by Senate.

A Departmental review is conducted under the Departmental Review Guidelines