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Our mission and values

We want to ensure our students receive a well-rounded education when they come to study with us. Everything we do, both academically and pastorally, revolves around our missions and values.

Mission statement

Liverpool Hope University is an ecumenical Christian Foundation which strives:

  • to provide opportunities for the well-rounded personal development of Christians and students from other faiths and beliefs, educating the whole person in mind, body and spirit, irrespective of age, social or ethnic origins or physical capacity, including in particular those who might otherwise not have had an opportunity to enter higher education
  • to be a national provider of a wide range of high quality programmes responsive to the needs of students, including the education, training and professional development of teachers for Church and state schools
  • to sustain an academic community, as a sign of hope, enriched by Christian values and worship, which supports teaching and learning, scholarship and research, encourages the understanding of Christian and other faiths and beliefs and promotes religious and social harmony
  • to contribute to the educational, religious, cultural, social and economic life of Liverpool, Merseyside, the North West and beyond.

Our values

The values to which Hope aspires and which are integral to the fulfilment of the Mission are to strive to:

  • be open, accessible and inclusive
  • take faith seriously, being fully Anglican, fully Catholic, fully ecumenical, fully open to those of all faiths and beliefs
  • be intellectually stretching, stimulating, challenging
  • be hospitable, welcoming, cheerful, professional, full of Hope; creating collegial, aesthetically pleasing environments and supportive communities
  • be well-rounded, holistic, integrated, a team, a community of communities, collaborating in wider partnerships.