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National Skills Academy for Nuclear (NSAN)

Liverpool Hope Business School is collaborating with the National Skills Academy for Nuclear (NSAN) in a Knowledge Transfer Partnership, established in 2011. The overall purpose of the KTP is to analyse and develop the business proposition of the National Skills Academy for Nuclear in international markets and to develop implementation strategies to introduce into selected markets.  

The KTP project is highly structured and divided into key stages over a period of two years from January 2011 to December 2012. The project plan includes pre-fixed outcomes after each key stage. Currently the first stage is in progress with an expected outcome of a report on the United Arab Emirates (UAE) market potential. This will be followed by an analysis of the UAE market to help develop and customise products and services that would be conducive for the UAE market.

The National Skills Academy for Nuclear is an industry-led small and medium enterprise (SME) which is creating, developing and promoting world-class skills and career pathways for a safe and sustainable nuclear industry. The Skills Academy is a proven model in the UK covering all sub-sectors including defence, the fuel cycle, energy production, new build, decommissioning, waste management and geological disposals.

The Skills Academy provides a number of innovative and industry specific products and service. Since the UAE has a highly dynamic and evolving nuclear industry, the skills sector for the nuclear industry needs to be carefully managed. The Skills Academy will raise the skills standards of staff and set standards for both a developing and existing workforce. This is done by the unique approach of facilitating non-competitive forums and bringing together nuclear organisations to discuss skills requirements and ensuring these requirements are addressed. Products such as Nuclear Skills Passport - a highly secure online facility to check skill levels and validate training before start of contracts - will ensure a highly safe and efficient world-class nuclear workforce. The Certificate of Nuclear Professionalism, Foundation Degrees, the Award for Nuclear Industry Awareness and other services have been created as per demand from the Nuclear industry and a network of quality assured providers imparts training.

Since the UAE has a highly dynamic and evolving nuclear industry with a major demand for a highly skilled nuclear workforce, the Skills Academy is looking forward to collaborating and helping the UAE meet these needs. Therefore, there is a need to understand the detailed working plan of nuclear skills development in the UAE and how contributions may be made. More details about the various products are available on the NSAN website.