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An exceptional Business School should have quality teaching, research-active staff and students at the centre of everything it does. It should also have good and meaningful connections to the business world and courses which lead to real and beneficial job opportunities. Liverpool Hope Business School (LHBS) has all this and much more:

  • We have over 79% research active staff with PhDs
  • A truly international team with colleagues from 12 different countries and 4 continents
  • Student-centred approach by providing over half its teaching in small groups
  • Over 92.8% of our students gain employment once graduated
  • A range of business-orientated activities and student opportunities organised by our own dedicated Business Gateway Team.

All of this ensures that LHBS students get a well-rounded business experience which not only provides you with all the appropriate higher skills and knowledge but also a range of practical experiences that equip you well for the world of work.

And the much more that LHBS provides comes from the unique mission of Liverpool Hope, the only European ecumenical University which, since its origins, has crafted a mission committed to social justice, widening access and continually improving its academic offer.

This has resulted in the Business School not simply bolting on issues of ethical and corporate responsibility and globalism but ensuring that these critical issues are fully integrated into everything it teaches.

LHBS is fully committed to supporting our students to become successful in business as well as the wealth makers of tomorrow and to ensuring all are aware of the critical ethical issues which affect their lives and others – this is the mission of Hope.

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Department Staff
316 Dr Ian Vandewalle

Dr Ian Vandewalle

Pro Vice-Chancellor and Head of the Business School

Adnane Alaoui

Dr Adnane Alaoui

Lecturer in Marketing

Valeria Andreoni

Dr Valeria Andreoni

Lecturer in Macroeconomics

Tony Bradley

Rev Tony Bradley

Professional Tutor in Business

018 Mrs Carol Buckman

Mrs Carol Buckman

Business Gateway Manager

Asad Ghalib profile picture

Dr Asad Ghalib

Lecturer in Management Sciences

Aparna Gonibeed

Dr Aparna Gonibeed

Lecturer in Human Resource Management

Clay Gransden

Dr Clay Gransden

Lecturer in Marketing

Dr Tonci Grubic profile picture

Dr Tonci Grubic

Lecturer in Management Sciences

Donna Harper

Ms Donna Harper

Senior Lecturer in Business Management

129 Mr Ian McKenna

Mr Ian McKenna

Senior Professional Tutor

Ilva Navarro-Bateman

Mrs Ilva Navarro-Bateman

Senior Lecturer in Business Management

James Proctor

Mr James Proctor

Faculty Administrator

Paula Raper

Ms Paula Raper

Professional Tutor in Human Resource Management

Brian Ricketts

Mr Brian Ricketts

Senior Professional Tutor

Juneho Um

Dr Juneho Um

Lecturer in Business Management

0261 Dr Curtis Ziniel

Dr Curtis Ziniel

Lecturer in Business Management