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Welcome to the Cornerstone Gallery

The Cornerstone Gallery is located in and above the large main entrance to Liverpool Hope University’s city centre Creative Campus.

Practice and research are at the forefront of the gallery philosophy and exhibiting artists comprise of a wide range in the best of national and international practitioners. The Cornerstone Gallery strives to engage in the discourse within contemporary visual arts through an exciting and dynamic exhibition line-up. The programme seeks to engage both student and public audiences with a selection of thematic exhibitions involving significant contemporary art practitioners. Cornerstone exhibitions are crucial to the student experience at Liverpool Hope and works exhibited endeavour to enhance both their contextual study and the development of critical faculties. The gallery is also utilised across the Department of Fine and Applied Arts, for student-focussed professional practice exhibitions and related seminars.

Historically the gallery has hosted such artists as John Hoyland, Alan Davie, Stuart Sutcliffe, Paula Rego and many others. More recent exhibitors include Michael Stubbs, Andrew Bick, John Bunker, Choterina Freer and Jemma Egan.

All exhibitions are free and open daily for public viewing from 9.30-5pm

Our address is Liverpool Hope University, The Creative Campus, 17 Shaw Street, L6 1HP.



Cornerstone Gallery, Liverpool Hope University.  7 February – 16 March 2017

Michael Stubbs 1Michael Stubbs 2

… Michael Stubbs’s canvases, which suspend interlocking fragments of sharp-edged logos and scything blocks of colour in silky veils of tinted varnish, critically configure the medium for an age of teeming distraction and antiseptic corporate culture, but still come out looking ravishing and above the fray – no easy task.  The jabbering, edgeless context of the Internet inevitably hovers over such work, as it does contemporary cultural production as a whole.  Martin Herbert, ‘Now See This; Michael Stubbs at Laurent Delaye’, Art Review exhibition preview, issue 53, October 2011


Michael Stubbs’s paintings, which operate at the interface of abstraction and pop, are constructed by combining poured, abstract configurations of transparent varnishes and opaque household paints with ready-made graphic stencils. The repeated pouring, in conjunction with the pop signs, form a physical process of sensual flat-on-flat layering that reveals multiple perspectives and optical depths.

This layering is part of the fracturing process, the breaking up or ‘exploding’ of a recognisable image, a response, says Stubbs, to the ever expanding proliferation of broadcast and internet-based images that fill our world.  Amorphous shapes, sharp-edged logos, scything blocks of colour and silky veils of tinted varnish intrude into Stubbs’ picture planes, fragmenting the surface; it is as though the physicality of the works are coming up against the pixilation of the flattened, immaterial space of the digital image. 

Yet there is an overriding seductiveness in these works; the perfection of the finish and the boldness of the palette alleviate the chaos of the visual explosion. This is picture making being interrogated in a serious, sensual and often irreverent way. Stubbs critically re-configures the medium in an age of internet information overload.


Recent solo exhibitions include:  From Counsel, Bloomsbury, London, 2015.  Hollenbach Gallery, Stuttgart, 2015. The Avenue, Mayfair, London, 2014.  Cass Gallery, London Metropolitan University, 2013.  Laurent Delaye Gallery, London, 2011/10/09.  Rod Barton Gallery, London, 2009.  Baro-Cruz Gallery, Sao Paulo, 2007.

Recent group exhibitions include:  ‘Collateral Drawing Part IV’, Waterfront Gallery, University of Ipswich, 2016.  ‘When Elephants Come Marching In: Sixties Echoes in Todays Art’, De Appel, Amsterdam, 2014.  ‘Dirty Pop: Contemporary British Painting’, & Model Gallery, Leeds, 2013.  ‘Porta Nigra: Black Gate’, Hidde Van Seggelen Gallery, London, 2012.  ‘Hallogallo’, Cass Gallery, London Metropolitan University, 2012.  ‘Fast Forward: Contemporary British Art in Brazil’, Sao Paulo Biennale, Brazilian/British Cultural Centre, 2010.   


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