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Welcome to the Cornerstone Gallery


Where practice and exhibition are placed at the forefront of the visual arts debate in Liverpool

The Cornerstone Gallery is located in and above the large main entrance to Liverpool Hope University’s city centre arts campus, The Cornerstone. The philosophy of the Gallery is to act as a platform to exhibit nationally and internationally established artists alongside new and emerging visual practitioners; to provide insights into artistic practice and process at differing stages of development.

The curatorial approach is designed to engage and promote discussion within the wider cultural life of the city and contribute pedagogically to visual and contextual studies for students.  The Gallery aims to inform, stimulate and challenge.

Exhibitions have included work by Adrian Henri, Stuart Sutcliffe, Paula Rego, Eileen Cooper, Alan Davie, Terry Duffy, Martin Greenland, Lisa Milroy, John Hoyland, prisoners in HMP Liverpool and that of newly emergent artists.

Artists and curators are always welcome to submit new and interesting proposals.



Patrick Wagner

‌The Cornerstone Gallery, together with The Intensives Gallery are proud to present, for the first time in England, the work of Stockholm based printmaker, Patrick Wagner.

Patrick Wagner was born in 1980 in Speyer, Germany. He has a background as a graffiti artist and lived in Tokyo in 2001 and 2003. In Tokyo he worked as a video game tester for KOEI.

After that, he studied English, before studying at the Muthesius Academy of Fine Arts (Kiel) and the National University of Fine Arts (Bucharest). 

During his MFA course of study at the Academy of Fine Arts in Helsinki, he completed a thesis on collaborative printmaking.

Patrick is currently a Lecturer and The Head of Fine Art, specialising in Printmaking / Lithography Painting, Drawing, Photography at The Royal Institute of Art, Stockholm, Sweden.

The work exhibited at The Cornerstone consists mainly of ‘The Graveyard Prints Series’, which are a playful result of his research into medieval small format prints.

Patrick begins by etching tiny skeletons which are then cut into small shapes, similar to archaeological digging sites.

The works are printed using the chine-cole technique.

Colourful Japanese and Chinese paper is laminated on the backing paper and this is often in multi layers.

‘I have learned a lot from a friend I met on my travels. The letters she writes are amazing, entire paragraphs crossed out on second thought, additions, deletions. I want to make my plates with the same carefree attitude, which is very unlike my regular mind-set: I rarely discard a plate before etching it. The proof print is the best way to judge whether things work’ Patrick Wagner: Beyond Mimesis: A Research & Discourse Platform investigating Contemporary Painting Conditions.

The Intensives Gallery is run by Mick Gill who is Head of Printmaking at Merchant Taylors Girls School, Crosby.

This exhibition runs until 12th January. All works are for sale and prices are on request. 


 Patrick Wagner Poster

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