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STEM Curriculum Development

STEM Curriculum Development Research Project at Liverpool Hope University

Recent reports have shown that we are failing to produce enough STEM graduates (SMF, 2013) which is leading us into a ‘STEM skills vacuum' (CBI, 2014). Research has shown, that by the age of 11, students have often decided if they see a future in STEM (Sadler et al, 2012) and even by 8 years old students have decided if they are ‘good’ at STEM subjects (Leibham et al, 2013). 

The STEM Curriculum Development project is designed to generate new methodologies for supporting teachers in developing innovative STEM curriculum and research within the project will focus on discovering the opportunities and challenges in educational institutions when developing STEM curriculum.

The project aims to gather a group of engaged STEM practitioners and create and academic space where they can share insights, engage in curriculum development and discover up to date STEM curriculum theory. Practitioners will be supported by academics at Liverpool Hope University to theorise new STEM curriculum, interrogate their own practice and create innovative approaches to teaching STEM.


A STEM Curriculum Development CPD opportunity for STEM practitioners at all levels

The key to solving this problem is by inspiring interest in STEM at a young age and by solving the following grand challenges:

1. How do you inspire students in STEM within a prescriptive curriculum?

2. How do you create interest in STEM that can last a lifetime?

3. How do we create curriculum that reflects how STEM works in the real world?

We aim to offer to offer a CPD course that is designed to help STEM practitioners lead the way in solving these grand challenges by introducing participants to good practice in STEM curriculum development from up to date research and from education systems around the world. 

 The course is for anyone who teaches a STEM subject (Science, Technology, Computing, Mathematics) at any level and is available as a free CPD course (this year only) or a 15-credit Masters course (worth £400). **A limited number of bursaries are available for the Masters course.**

 Those who complete the CPD course will:

  • Create STEM curriculum for use in their own practice.
  • Discover ways to inspire their students by linking curriculum concepts to how STEM works in the real world.
  • Learn up to date curriculum development practices and be introduced to current thinking in STEM curriculum theory. 
  • Collaborate with other practitioners to share ideas and innovate in their practice.
  • Collaborate with other practitioners to share ideas and innovate in their practice.

Those who complete the Masters course will:

  • Gain 15 transferable masters credits 
  • Gain access to a £5k STEM curriculum development fund. 
  • Use a state of the art app to support their studies and gain full time use of an iPad for the duration of the course.


The course will take place over two Saturdays in May/June 2014 - dates to be confirmed. Please contact Dr Nick Almond by e-mail: to register your interest in the course.

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