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The Institute is planning lots of exciting events for 2018. Check back soon for full details.


Third Erasmus International Week

20-23 February 2018, Catholic University of Lille

The Irish Left and Brexit

Tuesday 13 February 2018

Irish Studies Research group seminar, supported by the European Institute, with Michael Holmes

EU-US relations and cyber-security

31 January 2018

Tutu Centre seminar, supported by the European Institute, with Dimitrios Anagnostakis

The Russian-Ukrainian crisis: an unexpected conflict

23 January 2018

Tutu Centre roundtable, supported by the European Institute, with Vsevolod Samokhvalov (University of Liège), Natalia Vibla (Liverpool Hope) and Taras Khomych (Liverpool Hope)


The Catalan question

11 December 2017

European Institute roundtable, with Charles Esdaile (University of Liverpool), Belen Olmos Giupponi (Liverpool Hope), Michael Gordon (University of Liverpool) and David Whyte (University of Liverpool)

Hungary 1956

30 November 2017

European Institute Distinguished Guest Lecture, with Dr Andrew Zsigmond (Honorary Consul of Hungary for the North of England and Scotland)

Europe after Brexit: new opportunities for democratic politics?

9-10 November 2017

ESPOL conference, supported by the European Institute, with conference convenors Julien Navarro (ESPOL) and Michael Holmes (Liverpool Hope), and participants including Alexis Massart, Sabine Weiland and Catherine Hoeffler (ESPOL), Ioannis Panoussis and Sarah Durelle-Marc (FLD) and Nick Rees (Liverpool Hope).

Brexit and Local EU Nationals

27 March 2017

European Institute roundtable, with Viorel Raducanescu (Consul of Romania and President of the Consular Corps), Colin Turner (Royal Danish Consulate), Philip Daniel (Consulate of France) and Carlos Sousa Amaro (Consul General of Portugal)

The French Diaspora and Brexit

8 March 2017

European Institute seminar, with Patricia Connell (French consular delegate).