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Directors and Committee
Research clusters

Directors of the Institute

Dr Ioannis Panoussis is the Dean of the Faculty of Law at the Catholic University of Lille. He specialises in international human rights law and fundamental liberties.

Dr Michael Holmes is Senior Lecturer in Politics in Liverpool Hope University. He specialises in the impact of the EU on political parties.

Academic Committee

At Liverpool Hope, an academic committee drawn from all faculties in the university meets regularly to plan events and activities for the Institute.

  • Adnane Alaoui (Business)
  • Dimitrios Anagnostakis (Politics)
  • Silvia Battista (Drama)
  • Steve Corbett (Social Policy)
  • Bryce Evans (History)
  • Aline Gaus (Sociology)
  • Asad Ghalib (Business)
  • Julia Lux (Social Policy)
  • Kate Mattocks (Politics)
  • Jacqui Miller (Media)
  • Zaki Nahaboo (Sociology)
  • Belen Olmos Giupponi (Law)
  • Simon Piasecki (Drama)
  • Katarina Pijetlovic (Law)
  • Namrata Rao (Education)
  • Frank Su (Education)
  • Lisa Walters (English)
  • Olga Ververi (Education)

The Institute relies on the goodwill and energy of all its members and supporters, but over time, some have shown commitment above and beyond the normal call of duty. We would like to recognise their contribution here.

Garrett Epp. For volunteering to take a group of Liverpool Hope students on a tour of World War One sites, on a freezing cold February day in Flanders … wearing a kilt! This had a deep effect on the students, some of whom are likely to get out of counselling soon.

Nazek Maalouli-Odent and Ruth Rees. For all their work as administrators of the Institute, Nazek in Lille and Ruth in Liverpool. They played a vital role in getting the Institute up and running, and while both of them moved on to other things at the end of 2017, we wish them the very best.

There are a number of interdisciplinary research clusters within the Institute, based around the following areas:

  • Future of Europe (law, politics, economics, sociology)
  • Enterprise and sustainability (business, marketing, economics)
  • Teaching innovation (education)
  • Health care, society and policy (social work, policy studies, psychology)
  • Literature and popular culture (literature, media)
  • Hermeneutics (theology, philosophy)
  • Ecology and environment (geography, ecology)