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Department of Disability and Education

Centre for Culture and Disability Seminar Series

4th October 2017 2.00pm EDEN 109 "All You Zombies: Using Scars to Question the Connections of Emotion, Body, and Identity. " Michael Stokes
15th November 2017 2.00pm EDEN 109 "Sorrowless Lamentation: Viewers' Emotional Response to the Disabled Poor in Art." Professor Lennard Davis
31st January 2018 2.00pm EDEN 109 "Embracing Disorientation in the Disability Studies Classroom." Dr Ryan Parrey
7th March 2018 2.00pm EDEN 109 "Affective\Effective Images? The Aesthetics of Representing Disability Experiences in Comics. " Ms Gesine Wegner  
18th  April 2018 2.00pm EDEN 109 "Crip Feelings/Feeling Crip." Mr Brady Forrest
23rd May 2018  2.00pm EDEN 109 "Remembering the Great War through Bodies and Emotions: The Experience of Disabled Ex Servicemen between the Two World Wars." Dr Ugo Pavan Dalla Torre
4th July 2018 2.00pm EDEN 109 "Demanding Money with Menaces: Fear and Loathing in the Archipelago of Confinement." Dr Owen Barden