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What our students say

"The student conference was fab, it gave me a second wind about completing my dissertation. The guest speaker was great and refreshed the dissertation process, that can be overwhelming at time. It was great to listen to other people's dissertation processes they were going through, many of their struggles were ones we were going through, or had been through ourselves. It was good to hear other peoples ideas, gain inspiration and take on other people's ideas to make our dissertations better. Thank you! A very positive evening, one to embrace!"
Level H student, 2017, studies Early Childhood
"I am so thankful I attended the Level H Early Childhood Student Conference. It certainly pointed me to the right direction with regards to how am I going to do my research and how to go about with my analysis. Hearing what others have done with theirs also has given me ideas on what to do with mine. I have now found more journals relating to my research that I can work with for my literature review and as guidance on what approaches to use for my dissertation. Once again, thank you so much for this very helpful student conference".
Level H student, 2017, studies Early Childhood

"I was incredibly worried about coming to university and how I would cope on the Early Childhood programme but all my worries were taken away by the outstanding tutors. I really felt that they were there for me whenever I needed help or advice but they also taught me how to further my independence when tackling an assessment. My dissertation in my third year seemed very daunting, however, the Early Childhood team put me at ease and supported me every step of the way. I really would recommend this programme to anyone who is passionate about work within the Early Years sector."

S. T., graduated 2014, studied Early Childhood

"Studying Early Childhood at Liverpool Hope was thoroughly enjoyable. Whilst being intellectually challenging, the course promotes independent learning which helps provide students with the skills that can be applied to prospective future job opportunities, as well as their dissertation in the final year of their course. The tutors who deliver the course are both enthusiastic and eager to answer any questions students have in a friendly and understandable way."

A. C., graduated 2014, studied Early Childhood