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Through English language and literature, we interpret history and engage with philosophical ideas and social issues. We learn to appreciate the expressive range of language and literary forms, and we develop critical faculties. English fosters an awareness of the ways that particular institutions and social values are questioned, or given added legitimacy, through linguistic and literary conventions and representations. The close examination of language and literature helps to expose the ways in which ideas of race, gender, and ethnicity are socially constructed. The study of English, therefore, helps to make us more self-reflective about the political and social implications of stereotypes and other linguistic and literary structures.

English graduates will take an analytical view of the culture that surrounds us. They will have gained critical skills in close reading, an ability to analyse a wide range of texts, and the research skills necessary for independent enquiry. They will have become sensitive to the emotive impact of language and to the ways in which the production and reception of literature varies within different social and cultural contexts.

National Student Survey 2017

The National Student Survey ( asks final year students at every publicly funded Higher Education Institution (HEI) in the UK to rate their experience by stating to what extent they agree with a set of core questions across a number of categories.

In this year’s results:

  • 100% of students were satisfied overall with English Literature at Liverpool Hope University
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Department Staff
guy cuthbertson 2016

Dr. Guy Cuthbertson

Associate Professor and Head of English

0006 Dr Salman Al-Azami

Dr Salman Al-Azami

Senior Lecturer in English Language

0018 Dr Alice Bennett

Dr Alice Bennett

Senior Lecturer in English Literature

Dr William Blazek

Associate Professor and Reader in American Literature

Dr Trish Ferguson

Senior Lecturer in English Literature

0099 Dr Manel Herat

Dr Manel Herat

Senior Lecturer in English Language

Lecturer in English Language

Dr Daria Izdebska

Lecturer in English Language

0124 Dr Zoe Kinsley

Dr Zoe Kinsley

Senior Lecturer in English Literature

Ruth Kircher

Dr Ruth Kircher

Lecturer in English Language

Professor Neil Rhodes

Visiting Professor in English Literature

0148 Linda McLoughlin

Dr Linda McLoughlin

Principal Lecturer in English Language

 Lisa Nahajec

Dr Lisa Nahajec

Lecturer in English Language

louise wilson

Dr Louise Wilson

Lecturer in English Literature

Dr Lisa Walters

Senior Lecturer in English Literature

Sue Creaney

Ms Sue Creaney

Administrative Assistant

Hannah Berry

Miss Hannah Berry

Professional Tutor in English Language

Dr Eleanor Rees

Dr. Eleanor Rees

Lecturer in Creative Writing

Paul Johnston

Dr. Paul Johnston

Lecturer in Creative Writing


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