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Information during 24 hour opening

The Sheppard-Worlock Library will be open 24 hours to cover the final assessment, dissertation and examination periods. For full details of opening hours see:

Extra Silent Spaces

The areas to the left and right at the back of the first floor of the library and the adjacent private study rooms will be additional silent spaces. Remember you can text us if you are being disturbed on 07740 174 044 or email Your co-operation is appreciated.

Relax Spaces

The Library has provided two “Relax Spaces” for you to take a break from your studying during the 24 hour period.  These are located at the top of the left staircase and in the ground floor group area near the alternative entrance.

Fiction Ferris Wheel

The Library has provided a range of fiction distributed thoughout the Sheppard-Worlock Library, Creative Campus Library and the Student Study Space at Creative Campus. These books are free to you to take, read and pass on to someone else. If you can't think of anyone to pass them on to the just bring them back to the Library and we will re-use them. We've also left a slip inside for you to write a mini-review for the next person, but don't feel you have to.

University ID card

A reminder that you must bring your University staff/student ID card with you to access both The Sheppard-Worlock and the Creative Campus Libraries and Student Study Space. 

Food and drink in The Sheppard-Worlock Library

Please respect the environment by adhering to the food and drink regulations, using the bins provided and leaving a clean workspace for the next person.