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Gregory of Nyssa Online


This trial contains access to the following 2 resources:

Gregorii Nysseni Opera Online is the ultimate online critical text edition of Gregory of Nyssa's works based on all available known manuscripts, introduced with a complete discussion of the textual transmission and accompanied by extensive annotations on the biblical, classical and patristic sources, and indices.

Lexicon Gregorianum Online is the most comprehensive Greek-German dictionary of the language used by Gregory of Nyssa. It is the only dictionary available specifically addressing the vocabulary of late Classical Greek. It documents Gregory's complete vocabulary, taking account of the syntax, meaning and connotations of every occurrence of a key word in his writings. The complete Lexicon Online comprises 10 volumes, totaling more than 13,000 entries.


Trial access on and off campus to these resources is available until Thursday 31st May for all Hope Students and Staff by going directly to:

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