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How do I put a requisition on AGRESSO or approve a requisition sent to me?

Please refer to the AGRESSO user guides by clicking on the links below:


Raising a requisition

Budget holder tasks - approving a requisition

New suppliers

Sometimes the supplier is not one the University has previously dealt with, in which case it will be necessary either to be record them as a "sundry supplier" (for one off transactions) or, for relationships expected to be ongoing, a new supplier account will need to be created:

Entering details for a new supplier 

Recording fulfilment of orders ("goods receipting")

To confirm that an order has been fulfilled, the goods receipting process must be followed:

Goods receipting

Retrospective requisitioning and goods receipting

Sometimes the finance office receives an invoice for which the fulfilment/receipt of goods has not been recorded or for which no purchase order exists at all. In such cases tasks will be generated for the most appropriate administrator to complete these actions retrospectively. Should you receive such a task and you are unsure what to do with it, please refer to the following guidance:

Administrator tasks - missing goods receipt

Administrator tasks - no order for invoice

If you need further help, please contact Jamie Maguire (, or on ext 3174).