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National Scholarship Programme 2014/15

The government has set up a National Scholarship Programme, which started in 2012, to support English students from low income households and will be jointly funded by the government and Liverpool Hope University. We are in a position to award 318 of these scholarships and they are worth in total £2,000 each. 

The new scheme will be targeted towards students with a residual household income of less than £25,000 and will also be available to part time students, although the payments will be pro-rated depending on the intensity of study (minimum intensity 25%).

Scholarships will be automatically allocated in January 2015.

The award will be structured as follows:

  • For those qualifying students residing in Liverpool Hope University Halls of Residence will you receive the £2,000 as a credit against their first year accommodation charge.

  • For those not in University Halls of Residence, the £2,000 bursary will be used to support recipients of the award in the daily costs of study at university such as travel to university, subsistence while on campus and costs of printing, photocopying etc. To give students flexibility over how to pay for these requirements this bursary will be paid in the form of credit to the University Campus Card (which can be used to purchase study supplies and food in University cafes and restaurants or in the University shop).

The guidance notes can be found here National Scholarship Programme Criteria 2014-15‌.


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* part time students pro-rata.

 ** The information and prices set out on this page are for guidance purposes only and should not be construed as a legal offer. We have taken every effort to ensure the accuracy of the information at the date of publication; however, all scholarship information is subject to change.