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Government Maintenance Loans and Grants 2015/16

Student Loans

In addition to a fee loan, UK (home) students are entitled to a maintenance loan to help pay for living expenses such as accommodation, food, study and travel costs. This loan is means tested. The money for both loans comes from the government via the Student Loans Company, and does not have to be repaid until you have graduated, and are earning over £21,000 per year.

Student Grants

You may be eligible for a government Maintenance Grant or a Special Support Grant, which you do not have to pay back. The grant is means-tested, so the amount you receive depends on your individual financial circumstances (household income).

For students from England or Wales, the grant could be as much as £3,387 each year. Grants are usually paid in three instalments, one at the start of each term. 

Students who are eligible to receive (but not necessarily in receipt of) means tested benefits, such as income support or housing benefit will be eligible to apply for the Special Support Grant. In the main, these students would be lone parents or students with certain disabilities. All other students will be eligible to apply for the Maintenance Grant. Students in receipt of the Maintenance Grant will have their maintenance loan reduced by £0.50 for every £1 of grant they receive; students in receipt of the Special Support Grant will not have their maintenance loan reduced.

The amount you are eligible to receive is assessed by Student Finance England and Student Finance Wales.

Residents of Scotland and Northern Ireland should refer to the relevant web site.

The Student Loans Company will usually pay your loan and grant into your bank account by BACS. You must have registered at the University and be in attendance for the payments to be made.

Below are some examples of how much you can expect to receive based on residual household income if you are living away from home.


Maintenance Grant and Maintenance Loan

IncomeMaintenance GrantMaintenance LoanTotal
<£25,000 £3,387 £4,047 £7,434
£30,000 £2,441 £4,520 £6,961
£45,000 £0 £5,519 £5,519
£60,000 £0 £3,955 £3,955
>£62,132 £0 £3,731 £3,731


Special Support Grant and Maintenance Loan

IncomeSpecial Support GrantMaintenance LoanTotal
< £25,000 £3,387 £5,740 £9,127
£30,000 £2,441 £5,740 £8,181
£45,000 £0 £5,519 £5,519
£60,000 £0 £3,955 £3,955
>£62,132 £0 £3,731 £3,731