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Undergraduate Scholarships 2016/17

Our wide range of scholarships and awards recognise and reward outstanding achievement and ability. All scholarships, awards and prizes will be cash awards and do not have to be paid back. 


Academic Excellence Scholarship

New students from 2016/17 who have a minimum of AAA at A-Level, or D*D*D* at BTEC. Further details on the ‌Academic Excellence eligibility and criteria 16-17 can be found here.

£3,000 over the period of study.

There is no application process. The University will contact successful students.

Students in receipt of a Gateway Scholarship will not be eligible to apply.


Foundation Scholarship

Students from partner/church schools and colleges. Further details on the ‌Foundation eligibility and criteria 2016-17 can be found here.

£500 per year.

Partner Schools are invited to nominate students 


Performance Scholarship

New students from 2016/17, performing in Dance, Drama, Music or Sport at a National or International level. Further details on the Performance application and criteria 2016-17‌ can be found here.

Up to £1,000 on commencement of study.

Applications are to be submitted annually, and the closing date is the 4th Nov 2016. 


Dean's List Scholarship

Students not in receipt of an Excellence Scholarship but who are in the top 20 performing students in Year 1 and year 2. Further details on the ‌Deans' list eligibility and criteria 2016-17 can be found here.

£1,000 on commencement of Year 2 and Year 3.

There is no application process. The University will contact successful students.

Liverpool Hope University has introduced nine fully funded music scholarship opportunities, which together are worth more than £40,000. For further information please see the Music Scholarships page.

Undergraduate and Graduate Scholarships Terms and Conditions 2016/17 are available here ‌Bursary and Scholarship terms and conditions 2016-17