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Commendations, Complaints and Appeals

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The University would like to share good practice in order to enhance continually the student experience. If you would like to commend the work of the University or any of its staff, there are a number of ways of doing this:

  • Raise the matter through your Course Representative to be recorded at Staff Student Liaison Committee
  • Write to your lecturer, Head of Department, Dean or other member of staff
  • Write to the Students’ Union
  • Write to the Dean of Students


If you are unhappy with the service provided by the University, you have the right to complain.

The University takes complaints seriously and will take steps to improve the service where it has fallen below an acceptable standard. It is best to deal with poor service as early as possible and so, if you are dissatisfied with something, please speak directly to the service provider concerned.

If you are still not happy you can use the formal Student Complaints Procedure

Student Complaints Procedure Flowchart

The Complaints Procedure can be used in relation to teaching, academic support, administration or any other service provided by the University.

Academic Appeals

If you wish to appeal against a decision of a Degree or Progression Board, there are separate procedures to follow.

These are outlined in the guidance on Academic Appeals:

Academic Appeals Procedure  

Academic Appeals Flowchart    

If, having consulted this guide, you think you have grounds for appealing against an academic decision please contact your Faculty or Departmental Office to seek advice from a Senior Academic Adviser. If the Adviser cannot resolve the matter informally, and you wish to proceed with an appeal, you will need to email a completed Academic Appeals Form to no later than the earlier of (a) 10 working days after the publication of the Board’s decision or (b) 5 working days before the conferment of the award.

Forms are also available for collection at the Gateway Building reception desk and must be submitted electronically with supportive evidence to

You should also take advice from the Students’ Union. Contact details are below.

Once you have submitted an Appeal Form along with supportive evidence to, your appeal case may go through a two stage process (please also refer to the Academic Appeals Procedure);

1) Referred to the Faculty Senior Academic Advisor Appeal Panel,

2) If the Panel establishes a 'Prima Facie case' then your case is referred to a formal 'Academic Appeal Committee' hearing.

Students' Union Main Contacts

Lecture Theatre Complex, Hope Park, Taggart Avenue, Liverpool, L16 9JD

Students' Union Advice Service:

Advice & Student Voice Coordinator -  0151 291 3708
Sabbatical Officers:

President -  0151 291 3706

Vice President (Education) -  0151 291 3651

Vice President (Welfare & Community) -  0151 291 3663