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Exams and Class Tests

Examinations usually take place in May / June and are organised centrally by the Student Administration and Learning Support Teams. Class tests usually take place during class time, at any point during the year and are organised by the class tutor.


Apply for examination / class test arrangements

If you need reasonable adjustments to examinations or class tests to be made for you, please contact Student Development and Well-being as soon as possible.

Examinations are planned well in advance, so if you need arrangements to be in place for exams in May/June, you should contact us by January at the latest. You will be asked to provide supporting documentation to confirm why adjustments are required. This may be a doctor’s letter, or a statement from School/College or an Educational Psychologist’s report.

Some examples of reasonable adjustments to examination / class test arrangements include:

  • Extra time to answer questions
  • Rest breaks with the clock stopped (not working on questions)
  • Use of a computer to type exam answers
  • Large font or Braille question papers
  • A smaller shared exam room, rather than sitting in the main exam hall
  • An individual room;
  • Human support e.g. exam scribe or reader;
  • Permission to bring food and drink into an examination;
  • Not being penalised for poor spelling and grammar in examinations.


Previous examination arrangements

If you have had examination arrangements agreed previously (e.g. at school or college), these arrangements will not be automatically be approved by the University. It is your responsibility to contact Student Development and Well-being to book an appointment to discuss arrangements. It is helpful if you can provide documentation giving details of the arrangements that were put in place at your school or college.