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Disclosure and confidentiality

Why should you tell us about your disability?

Disabled students do well at Liverpool Hope.  During the 2013/14 academic year, a higher percentage of disabled students achieved a first class degree than non-disabled students.    

If you have a disability, specific learning difference or long-term health condition -including a mental health condition- we strongly encourage you to tell the University – this is known as “disclosure”.

Ideally, we would like you to tell us about your disability as early as possible prior to starting on your programme of study, for example on your application form or at an Open or Applicant Day.  However, you can let us know about the support needs you may have at any point during your studies (NB some professional courses such as teacher training and social work have “fitness to practice” procedures).

The information you provide will be used by the University to identify any reasonable adjustments that can be put in place to enable you to get the most from your studies and your overall university experience.  For example, you may wish to discuss:

  • Funding arrangements and eligibility for equipment and assistance
  • Accommodation/ access requirements
  • Extra time or other adjustments to examinations
  • Personal assistance/ non-medical helper requirements

The Learning Support Team at Liverpool Hope is dedicated to assisting disabled students get the most from their studies.  Once you disclose your disability to us, you will be contacted by the Learning Support Team to identify and discuss any support needs.

The University will make reasonable adjustments to support you, but late disclosure may result in delays in providing appropriate support and we cannot guarantee to provide high levels of support that were not discussed, agreed and planned for in advance.

Is the service confidential?

The University takes your privacy very seriously and all student information is treated in confidence. We will ask for your consent to share information about your disability and/or specific needs so that we can make the necessary arrangements for any reasonable adjustments and on-going support. For example, we may need to liaise with funding bodies and external support providers, so that you can receive your support. We hold your information securely and in accordance with our Data Protection Policy and this information is also covered by the Data Protection Act (1998). We would only disclose information without consent where there is a legal obligation to do so – which is very rare – or where disclosure of information is required to keep you or other people safe.