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Student life normally involves making new friends and lots of socialising where often, alcohol plays a part. Whilst studies show that moderate drinking can be part of a healthy lifestyle, it is important to be aware of how much alcohol you are consuming and the effects that this can have on your health. 


Know your limits 

National guidelines suggest that men drink no more than 3-4 units (equivalent to a large pint of strong larger) per day and women no more than 1- 2 units (equivalent to 1 standard glass of wine). Regularly drinking more than the recommend amounts puts your health at increased risk. 

After a night of drinking, try to avoid alcohol completely for 48 hours or so to allow time for liver damage to recover. Try to avoid drinking a lot of alcohol in one evening or over a short period of time as this can be particularly harmful to your health.


Units of alcohol = volume (ml) x Alcohol %


How can alcohol affect you? 

Responsible drinking can be part of an enjoyable night out as it can make us more talkative, relaxed and sociable but there are also some negative effects of alcohol and not just those embarrassing photos that find their way onto Facebook.

Drinking too much can negatively impact upon your physical health, your studies, mental well-being and your finances. People under the influence of alcohol are more likely to get into fights, fall out with friends, engage in unprotected sex, become the victim of theft and suffer injury. 



Tips for a safe night 

The day after a big night out can be a real drag. Here are our top tips for a safe night out and a hangover free morning after. 

  • Make sure you eat before you go out. Foods high in carbohydrates are thought to help slow the rate at which your body absorbs alcohol and will help you not get too drunk.
  • Mix it up! - Every couple of drinks change for a water or soft drink, this will help prevent dehydration and make the day after more bearable.
  • It’s not a race! Try sticking to buying your own drinks, buying in rounds can increase the amount you drink as well as the speed.

Think you might be drinking too much? Help is available, contact or contact any of the agencies listed below:

Liverpool Community Alcohol Service - Tel: 0151 529 4504

Addaction Recovery Service - Tel: 0151 702 0655

The Brink Support Service - Tel: 0151 703 0582