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Assessment of Students (Guidelines)

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Provision of Information to Students about How they will be Assessed

Mitigating Circumstances Policy - Concessions for Students with Illness

Marking Scales

Assessment Descriptors

Coursework Submission Arrangements, and the Conduct of Examinations and In Class

Academic Misconduct

Dissertations and Research Projects

External Examiners

Borderline Degree Classifications

Discretionary Merit and Distinction Awards

Agenda & Minutes Templates - Internal Examiners Committees & Boards of Examiners

Understanding Board Transcripts

Returning and Retaining Work, Giving Feedback, and Disclosing Formal Results

Students who Query Marks

Internal Moderation Guidelines


Guides to the Internal Examiners Committees and Boards of Examiners

APABs for Administrators May 2017

APABs for Lecturers May 2017

Internal Examiners Committees for Administrators May 2017

Internal Examiners Committees for Lecturers May 2017


Further guidance about Academic Regulations