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Application Process

Global Hope counts as a large part of the Service and Leadership Award, and therefore we will always encourage you to apply for a place to volunteer with us overseas as one of your placements. 

You are required to complete the  ‌and return it either to the International Hub or via email The Application form will ask you to list the projects in order if your preference and we will always work our hardest to to ensure that you get your first choice, although bear in mind that some projects have limited places. 

Global Hope has three application periods; these are May/June, October and January. The next deadline for Applications is Friday 3rd November 2018

After we have received your application, we have an interview process that will take place approximately a week or two after the deadline. These can be arranged to go ahead over Skype. The interviews are in an informal setting and are nothing to worry over! They are just our way of checking how suitable you are to go on a Global Hope Project. 

After we have interviewed applicants, we endeavour to be in touch with you within 2 weeks via email to give you the results of your interview. In this email, we hope to include your assigned project.