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Global Hope FAQ's & How to get in touch

What is Global Hope?

Global Hope is Liverpool Hope University’s overseas education programme. It uses the resources of the University to support the education and development of communities overseas. In particular this means using the University’s expertise in learning and teaching, welfare and well-being, research and subject knowledge to effectively work alongside partners in developing countries to meet their needs appropriately. This approach is grounded in the principle of reciprocity. A commitment to these relationships over the longer term has enabled genuine partnerships to develop. As a result, a deeper level of cross-cultural understanding now exists between Global Hope and its partners across three continents.

Global Hope seeks to use this insight to give effective support to communities in meeting their own educational and development needs. At the same time the Global Hope experience generally provides an opportunity for meaningful professional development opportunities for members of the University, with resonance for them and others long after their return to the UK.


Who goes on a Global Hope project?‌

All members of Liverpool Hope University are welcome to apply. Staff and students from Hope travel together to project locations each year working with partners overseas for  three weeks during our summer vacation – either immediately before or after Graduation. All staff and student participants are expected to evaluate their work thoroughly to enable appropriate and effective provision by Global Hope teams in subsequent years. Global Hope students have to be registered for SALA as they have already demonstrated a commitment to in the University and the wider community.


Is Global Hope’s primary function to give resources to partners overseas or prescribe solutions from UK approaches to education?

No. The different contexts within which Global Hope operates have developed in different ways and to varying degrees during the time of its involvement over the last 20 years. In some communities where very few qualified teachers had been present to educate poorly-resourced large groups of pupils there are now sometimes numerous well-qualified and competent professionals working in a considerably improved environment. This has challenged Global Hope to think less of ‘what we can do for them’ but to consider a ‘shared path’ which uses the perceived local need as a starting point and critically considers what we as a University can contribute. Global Hope does raise funds to support staff and student involvement, with a secondary motive being to raise awareness of the unique work undertaken by the organisation.


How is Global Hope work funded?

The work is funded primarily by the University and Student's fundraising. Students are required to raise a donation of a minimum of £1,500 towards the cost of their project. The University contributes to the cost of Global Hope as it recognises that Global Hope supports the University's mission.

 We offer workshops to help Global Hope students in their fund raising effort. For more information about fundraising, please visit the fundraising section


How to find out more?

Global Hope Week is incorporated into International Week in October where students and staff will be able to get more information about the projects and when to apply.

For further information contact the Global Hope team by emailing

You can also call into the International Hub for more information at any time; we would love to see you!