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Liverpool Hope University governs its ethical responsibilities through the University Research Ethics Policy, as decided by University Research Committee and the Research Ethics Sub Committee. 

The primary responsibility for Faculty ethical decisions rests with the Faculty Sub-Committee, to ensure that ethical procedures and standards are adhered to across the institution. Please see the University Research Ethics Policy (below) for full details.

The University operates a policy of approving all research projects undertaken by staff and students in order to comply with university requirements, which the Faculty complies with. This policy offers clarity in the processes and procedures, avoids unnecessary barriers, whilst being rigorous enough to maintain the high standards expected of the institution so that projects and research are ethically sound.

Please click here for the University Research Ethics Policy


Faculty Sub-Committee Meetings

The Chair of the Sub-Committee is Dr Babs Anderson, Lecturer in Early Childhood. Meeting dates and deadlines for submission of Ethics forms are as follows (subject to confirmation and change).

November: Wednesday 30th November 2016 (Deadline for submission Friday 25th November)

December: Friday 9th December 2016 (Deadline for submission Monday 5th December)

January: TBC Wednesday 11th January 2016 (Deadline for submission Friday 6th January)


March: TBC

Summer term: TBC

If you have any queries about timescales for submitting Ethics forms, please contact


Submitting an Ethics Approval Request Form

If you are a student:

If your research is text-based (interpreted broadly, not involving any human interaction at all), you can use the Ethics short form 1) Application for Ethical Clearance - Research WITHOUT human groups). Your supervisor will be able to give approval for your research to begin immediately, once they are satisfied that all issues have been satisfactorily dealt with.

If your research involves human interaction, you need to use either the 2 Application for Ethical Clearance - Research with NON-vulnerable human groups form or the 3) Application for Ethical Clearance - Research with vulnerable human groups. Your supervisor will help you to complete your form and will be able to recommend it to a Departmental Ethics Lead (DEL). The DEL may be able to approve your request, or may need to refer it for scrutiny by the full Faculty Research Ethics Sub-Committee (or in very exceptional circumstances, to the University Research Ethics Sub-Committee).

If you are a member of staff:

You should select the appropriate form, as described above, and submit it to your DEL for approval or referral to the Education Faculty Research Ethics Sub-Committee (or in very exceptional circumstances, to the University Research Ethics Sub-Committee).

Every final version of your Ethics submission should be copied to the email address:

Students should communicate using your Liverpool Hope student email account, and staff must use their Liverpool Hope staff account. Forms submitted from personal or other email accounts will not be accepted. All outcomes are also communicated to your student or staff accounts.  

Outcomes of the meeting  are normally communicated to all applicants within one week. 


Helpful Guides and Information

This guide contains some helpful tips and guidance on the issues you should consider in relation to ethics. If you are not sure where to start then this is for you.   

University Ethics webpages

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Guidance on Completing Your Form

Professional Code of Practice can be found at the BERA website.