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Emergency Evacuation Information for Visitors

As part of the University's duty of care to all staff, students and visitors, a system of assisted escape is in place to support anyone with a disability should an emergency evacuation occur whilst they are on University campus.

All staff working in reception areas and those likely to receive guests or visitors to the University should familiarise themselves with the emergency evacuation information specific to the building they are based in. This information should be provided to ALL guests on arrival.

If guests declare that they or another member of their party would require any assistance during an evacuation then then relevant buildings Generic Emergency Evacuation Plan (GEEP) should be provided;

Capstone Theatre GEEP

Cornerstone Building GEEP

EDEN Building GEEP

EDEN Conference Centre GEEP

Frances Mary Lescher (FML) Building GEEP

Estates Office GEEP

Gateway Building GEEP

Green Lane Building GEEP

Hilda Constance Allen (HCA) Building GEEP

Hope Park Sports GEEP

Lecture Theatre Complex GEEP

Liverpool Hope Business School GEEP

Sheppard Worlock Library GEEP

All staff and students with a disability should have a Personnel Emergency Evacuation Plan (PEEP) in place. If you feel you would require assistance in the event of an evacuation, please don't hesitate to contact the Personnel Department (staff) or the Student Development and Wellbeing team (students) for further information. 

If any of the above information, including the listed GEEPs are required in an alternative format please speak to the University's Legal Services and Health and Safety Assistant