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Purdue-Hope Nutrition Scholarship Prize 2017 - Closing Date: 4pm Friday 20th January 2017

A Scholarship prize opportunity is available for a life-changing nutrition research work experience at Purdue University, Indiana, USA in the summer of 2017.

This scholarship is available to two undergraduate nutrition students from Liverpool Hope University to go to Purdue University, Indiana, USA to work on ‘Camp DASH’ and work with world leading nutrition researchers for 3 months (June - August 2017).  

The generous prize fund of £2500 per student, supported by the Vice Chancellor’s Initiative Fund, provides funding for:

  • Visa application fee and associated costs
  • Travel expenses
  • Appropriate training     
  • Subsistence

Accommodation will be funded by Purdue University in addition to the prize fund.

The team have worked hard to secure this extraordinary opportunity for our students.  Dr Macdonald-Clarke is acting as project coordinator and all communications should be directed to her. The two prize winners will be selected through this competition (application, assessment activity, short presentation and interview); which is open to all Undergraduate Nutrition Students (levels C, I and H).

Placement Information

Dates:  5th June - 11th August 2017

You will gain experience working in a world-leading nutrition laboratory on a human trial “Camp DASH’.  Camp DASH is a dietary intervention study to determine the effect of diet and sodium intake on blood pressure and blood lipids in adolescents ages 11-15 years. The camp will have recreational and educational experiences for participants and will be held at Purdue University. They are expecting 150 children to participate in the study, so need a lot of help!  Intense training will be given at Purdue University starting week of 5th June 2017.

Your role is likely to include working with the adolescent volunteers as a camp councillor, preparing food in the metabolic kitchen and/or processing and analysing biological samples in the laboratory.  You may be expected to work shifts, sometimes 7 days/week and/or overnight and/or at short notice as the study will be intense, however you will also have some free time.  Demonstration of a good work ethic and a “can do” attitude are essential.  Students should abide by the code of ethics as stated by the Association for Nutrition (AfN)

Desirable candidate education and experience:

  • Completed and passed minimum 1-year undergraduate nutrition degree at Liverpool Hope University by June 2017
  • Good work ethic
  • Ability to work flexibly
  • Problem solving skills
  • Organisation and time management skills
  • Previous experience of working with children/young adults or at a summer camp
  • Successful team working ability and good team spirit
  • Strong social and communication skills
  • Experience of basic research or clinical laboratory work
  • Food service, preparation or manufacturing experience

Accommodation is generously funded and provided by Purdue University in student halls of residence.  It is possible that this may be a shared room if travelling with a person of same-sex from Liverpool Hope University.  This accommodation will be within walking distance or short bus journey to where you will be working.  There is a regular bus service within the town.  

Purdue University is situated within West Lafayette, Indiana and the nearest airports are Chicago and Indianapolis which both have shuttle bus services to the Purdue University campus (additional cost).  

A J1 visa is required for this placement.  You will be financially assisted with visa and flight arrangements but this will require considerable organisation and input from you and you may need to visit the US embassy in London or Belfast.  This placement and prize will be dependent upon successful visa application and approval of the Nutrition Department at Purdue University.  You should be able to extend your stay in the USA beyond the dates of the placement, in line with the visa stipulations however, funding will not be provided for this and it will be your own responsibility to arrange funding, travel arrangements and travel insurance.

You will have the opportunity to study at Purdue University alongside your work experience for a course on Clinical Research, coordinated by Dr Connie Weaver.

You can read some further details about the camp via this link -

You will be expected to submit a reflective essay, give a presentation on your placement experience and be involved with external relations/publicity activities when you return to Liverpool Hope University.

Please do not contact Purdue regarding this camp but direct any questions to Dr Claire Macdonald-Clarke

How to apply

To apply for this opportunity you should submit the Purdue Application Form, your CV and a covering letter to by 4pm on Friday 20th January 2017.  

The assessment activity, short presentation and interview are expected to take place on week of 30th January 2017.  

Following submission of your application, you will be informed if you have been selected for assessment activity, presentation and interview.  On the day you should be prepared to give a 5-minute presentation (with PowerPoint slides) to demonstrate: How you are the best candidate for this position, why you are the best ambassador for Liverpool Hope and what you hope to gain from the experience.

An experienced panel from a range of departments within the university will be represented at the assessment activity, presentation and interview and will be responsible for deciding the winning candidates.

Further information about this opportunity are provided in this document. Please direct any questions to Dr Claire Macdonald-Clarke (