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Top tips for the first week


1. Visit your neighbours - there are lots of opportunities to meet people when you first move in – as you’re unpacking, at social events organised by your Resident tutors, even just by knocking on a flatmate’s door. It’s natural to feel shy or a bit silly introducing yourself but everyone's in the same boat - and it's normal to have moments of homesickness, too.


2. Get to know your Senior Resident tutor - Senior Resident Tutors are appointed by the University to support students living in the Halls of Residence. There is a team of 7 Senior Resident Tutors and 3 Residential Assistants. 


3. Speak to the Students Union - The Students Union are based within the LTC theatre complex in Hope Park, Jack Johnson is the President, Vanessa Ospina is Vice President Welfare and Community and Feidhelm Doolin is the Vice President Education. 


4. Make sure you have registered with a Doctor - We ask that all first year students register with a GP on the first day. Getting unwell is never ideal but if you're unwell without being registered with a doctor it can be miserable. If you would like to know more, please contact Student Development and Well-being on 0151 291 3427. 


5. Budgeting planning - Do a proper budget. Knowing how much income you’ll have is essential. Most will come from maintenance loans, grants or scholarships, part-time work and parents’ contributions. But no matter where the money comes from, the golden rule is to NEVER spend more than your income.


6. Familiarise yourself with the Campus - Here is our very own Ollie to give you a tour. 


7. Join the Gym or visit the Sports Hall - There are no monthly fees - just a single yearly registration fee of £25 is all that is required and then the gym facilities, courts and fitness classes are all free for you to use. 


8. Use one of the City Bikes - We have our very own City Bike station right next to Hope Park there is also a generous discount for all students. 


9. Find the nearest Supermarket



10. Join or follow our social media channels so you can stay in the loop.