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Step by Step Guide to Applying

Step One 


Christmas Break or Easter Break

Speak to the International Exchange Assistant in the International Hub who will provide initial advice and information.

Drop in Sessions are held in the International Hub every Monday 9-12:30 and Wednesday 1-5pm. No appointment is required.

You can also email

Step Two



January or May

Speak to your Departmental International Coordinator to find out what courses you need to study whilst on Exchange. 

Research the universities that you like and are appropriate for your particular subject and discuss your findings with your tutor, International Co-ordinator and the International Exchange Assistant.

You will need to ensure that you find courses equivalent to 60 Hope credits for one semester of Exchange and 120 UK credits for the full academic year. 

If you have trouble finding courses that are suitable then please speak to the International Exchange Assistant. 

Step Three


March or September

Complete the University’s International Exchange application form with your International Coordinator. 

It is important that you have kept your International Coordinator and tutors informed as they have to confirm your study choices whilst abroad.

Step Four


April or October

Return the form to the International Exchange Assistant.

Deadlines for returning your application form are:

15th April for First Semester or Full Year Exchanges 

15th October for Second Semester Exchanges 

Step Five


The International Hub will follow the procedures of the partner university you have selected and they will then be in touch to send you the application details. 

You must ensure you complete the applications to partner universities as soon as possible as the deadlines are set in place to ensure all visas etc can be obtained before travelling to study (if required). Before submitting your application to the partner university you will need to also obtain a transcript from the International Hub.

Once you application has been accepted you will need to start booking flights, accommodation and visa appointments (if required). 

Don’t forget to contact Student Finance as you may be entitled to additional funds.  If you require your student loan to be paid earlier because your exchange period starts before Liverpool Hope’s term then please contact the International Exchange Assistant.