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Ashleigh Barice, USA, MA Art History & Curating

Ashleigh Barice pic Wednesday 12 March 2014

‌Before coming to Hope, Ashleigh worked as a director of a local art gallery. She considered Hope because she thought the MA Art History and Curating programme would be interesting and eventually she took the step to application and enrolled.  She describes moving to Liverpool as a ‘life altering experience’ thoroughly revels in her time here.  Naturally at times home sickness can have an impact especially around the holidays! However, she has found the people in Liverpool to be incredibly inviting and really helpful in getting over it. She says ‘my accommodation has been great, though a bit noisy as I live near L1, which is a really vibrant area of the City Centre.’

Ashleigh hasn’t been involved in as many extra -curricular activities as she would have liked but she does have an ‘amazing’ work placement with National Museums Liverpool. She describes the best thing about the experience so far to be her ‘new mates’ and would tell anybody thinking about coming that the best investment one can make is in oneself. Take a leap of faith and enjoy the ride! She has found the experience to be beneficial in terms of preparation for the professional world and plans to continue living abroad and seeing where that may lead.