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Dugalpi Alahirah, Nigeria, BA Law and Politics

Dulgapi pic Wednesday 5 March 2014

Before coming to Hope, I was a 2nd year student at a Nigerian University.

I chose it because it was the cheapest university that I came across while doing my search for universities to study at in the UK. As if that was not enough I later learnt that about the 10% early payment discount. This concluded my search.

It is true to say that coming to a new environment can be a bit challenging. I had some initial worries about the school environment and how welcoming the staff and students would be. However, on arrival Ii was fortunate to meet some really wonderful people, who made me feel really welcome. The support I got from the very first day made me settle in very quickly. I was happy about this because I was able to easily integrate into university life.

The fondest memory of my time here is the first day I saw snow falling. It was like seeing a cartoon character from my childhood come to life!  The first day I saw it, looking through a window, I was overwhelmed.  I hesitated for a while but eventually I headed outside, stepping on the slushy ice with a very big smile on my face. Everywhere was white and very bright for my eyes; I felt the first piece of snow settling on my face… oh wow!

In my first year, I stayed in St Margaret halls (also known as Harry Potter halls). It gave me a sense of community which felt more like the feeling I have back home. There were over 20 students living in the same hall so there were no boring moments. One good thing is the proximity to my lectures and the library.  In the winter it was easy for me to walk to my lecture room and back without the cold getting to me! The Resident Tutors who lived with us in the halls were really helpful. I am happy I chose to stay in university accommodations during my first year because it was safe and I made lots of friends.

The University provides a lot of opportunities for extra-curricular activities. I chose the Service and leadership award (SALA), International Buddies, Hope Buddies, Global Hope and School for Change Makers. I was also elected President of the Law Society and worked as a Student Ambassador. I volunteer with Food Cycle and Food Bank (both help provide food for those in poverty and at risk of social isolation).

Global Hope is the university’s charity. It provides opportunity for students and staff to travel to different parts of the world on different projects. As a member we organised a fundraising events and promoting the Charity.

Liverpool Hope is a university where you will be recognised. You are a name and not a number. It is a small community. Get involved with university life in any way possible. There are many opportunities to make friends and make your life fun, including societies and clubs, but you will need to take them.  T

The skills that I have attained during my time of studying in Liverpool Hope University are very key towards employability.  My courses are structured towards enabling us learn and develop important skills such as, critical analysis, team work and presentation skills.

My time here has been amazing. I have made great friends-the kind of people that truly give you the feeling that you are among family. I enjoyed the lectures and the lecturers who made it fun. I got all the support I needed in every circumstance. I will really recommend everyone to come to Liverpool Hope University.

I plan to do a Masters and then go back to my country. I am confident that I have acquired a lot of useful skills during my time here and they will help me to get a job.