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MD Atiqur Rahman, India, BA International Relations and Social Policy

MD Atiqur pic Wednesday 5 March 2014

I am doing Combined Honours in BA International Relations with Social Policy. 

I have lived away from home since I was very young, but moving to a new culture was a big challenge. I got a lot of support from the University as well as students who helped me settle in more quickly than I expected. The alien feeling and culture shock faded very quickly.

The small size of the University acted positively for me as I saw it as an opportunity to get the most out of what is on offer and bring the best out of me by getting involved in the University community more easily. I have been involved in various extra-curricular activities since joining Liverpool Hope. I have been involved in Peer Mentoring, various national volunteering campaigns (like vInspired, Amnesty International), worked as a Student Ambassador and also been elected as International Students’ Rep. I also recently got the job of Resident Tutor.

I arrived later than expected, so I did not get a place in University Halls. I lived in private accommodation instead which I found with the help of University.

I have quite a lot of fond memories of my time at Hope. One that stands out is being elected as International Students’ Representative.  This boosted my confidence and broadened my horizons with respect to my future ambitions. I arrived as just one of many international students and began an incredible journey to becoming the elected representative of all the international students at the University.

What you can expect here are people who are really ready to help you in everything you need and give you that platform to build your future your way with lots of opportunities in various aspects. I have very much enjoyed the time I have spent so far at Hope and will cherish all of it when I move away.