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Nadia Iqbal, MSc Research Methods, Bangladesh

Iqbal Thursday 3 May 2012

Nadia Iqbal's Diary of Hope

In September 2011 Nadia Iqbal, a two times graduate of University of Dhaka, Bangladesh, began her journey of living and studying at Liverpool hope University. Her Hope Diary is a personal reflection on that journey.

“Hope diary is nothing but few words for those people who live their lives in hope. Hope diary is all about few scattered thoughts in one page and all about the Liverpool Hope University, a university where all the staffs are always eager to help you, inquisitive to know about your difficulty and humble to solve any problem with patience.” Nadia Iqbal, MSc Research Methods

"It was 24th of September, 2011, the day I arrived at Aigburth. It was already dark by late noon and was also raining. I still remember my first feeling as an international student, it was like someone is taking me to a jungle, where there were no people, shops were closed, and city was empty. I got so afraid that I was shivering. I was given the key of my flat at St. Michael’s Hall. I entered the room shedding tears from my eyes and asking myself how I am going to pull on for a year in this room. Then somehow I passed the first night. From the next days, it started my struggle to coup up with the city environment. It has been always challenging for a student like me, to being in abroad and stay here as in Asian countries we are brought up in very protective way. First week passed away with the feeling of a stranger. But as the weeks passed on I feel bit relax, especially when I met the Vice Chancellor & Rector Prof Gerald J. Pillay, coming forward to me and greeting me saying, “ Nice to have you In Liverpool Hope and Don’t struggle Alone. We are here to help you.” His one sentence boosts me in a way that this is probably one of those universities, where Vice Chancellor himself exchanges his greetings with the students. And I started to feel better. Then I met my course leader Prof Galina Paramei, who herself is a wonderful guide to my Course, Research Methods. I am an MSc student and that’s how I began my journey of being to Liverpool Hope University. I always desired to read human being. To me it was my passion to write on people. That’s why I found Research Methods teaching me of dealing with qualitative methods.

My diary is for those International Students, who gets scared of arriving over here and gets depressed with the surrounding atmosphere. I just want to say few words to them that, there is nothing wrong living in your dreams but when you see dreams to study abroad, prepare your mind to face difficulties, give time to yourself to adjust. It’s natural because of the cold weather; you will find the city calm and quite, but always stand still and stick to your goal. Always ask people. Believe me, the best thing about Liverpool is its friendly people.

Though I have still long way to go but I think now I have started to fall in love with Liverpool Hope University. Now I learned to smile, I love to spend time with my friends in Fresh Hope and in my accommodation. I like my library; I smile to see the reflection of Sun in the fountain in front of the Gateway Building. Now I feel I am no more alone. I have my hope to make me fallen in love with it.

Before I write further, I would like to pay my gratitude to Ms Nancy Cooke, Fiona, Dr Lynn Hilditch, Janet, Faten and Prof Galina Paramei, AND my Father who helped me with what I am today. In the end I am grateful to my husband, for encouraging me in every step."

Liverpool Hope says: "We are very happy to have such an enthusiastic and thoughtful student as Nadia. Her ability to take on new challenges, and to reflect on these challenges in the wider context shows determination. She is a bright and able student at the first part of an incredible academic and life-changing journey and we are looking forward to hearing about her progress. Very best wishes!"

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