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Naomi Kudren, Sweden, BA Media and Communications

Naomi Kurden pic Wednesday 5 March 2014

Before I came to Hope I had finished school in Sweden and been on a gap year in Israel and decided during this time that I would like to study for my degree in England. I had a look at different universities in the North and I liked the way the course I wanted to do was laid out. I went to Liverpool to check the universities out and really liked the atmosphere that the lecturers and the campus provided. This helped me decide to purse a BA (Hons) in Media and Communication. For me it was an easy transition, as I am used to going to different places and learning to adapt to different cultures.  Of course, I was nervous to come to a different country but I came here with the attitude that all good things are slightly scary in the beginning and you have to challenge yourself a bit to actually accomplish something. The biggest problem was to understand the accent in Liverpool but after a few weeks even I picked up some of Scouse phrases.

In first year I lived in Jewish halls which was a small house with only 8 people living there. Not one of them went to Liverpool Hope which gave me an opportunity to make friends from different universities. I have definitely enjoyed my time here. It gave me the opportunity to make friends that I hope I will have for life and not only that, I got the chance to learn a lot about media in an open and welcoming environment. 

I have been involved in the Jewish Community in Liverpool over the 3 years here, I was the Chair of Liverpool Jewish Student Society and I am also involved in Radio Hope where I have 2 radio shows. It was important for me to take part in other activities and find a familiar community that were there for me when I needed help.

One of my strongest memories is the first day in first year. We were all new and nervous. I sat next to a girl with dyed red hair and a Scouse accent. I barely understood her but we still managed to introduce ourselves to afterwards sit there with an awkward silence between us.  A few months later we actually started to become friends and now she is one of my best friends from University and I don’t think we ever share awkward silences anymore.

My advice to prospective/current students is to be proud of being an international student.  It’s important to remember that you are coming from a different culture and things might be new to you in the beginning so don’t be ashamed about asking.

Personally I think that the university gives you the skills you want to get. If you make an effort to use the resources lecturers and course mates give you there are no limits. My lecturers have always been encouraging and helpful and therefore I’ve learnt more than I thought I would. I am starting a part time internship for a digital marketing company this term and hopefully they will keep me on after graduation. The rest is still an unwritten path that I am excited to start exploring.