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Nutifafa Geh, Ghana, MSc Environmental Management

Nutifafa pic Wednesday 5 March 2014

Before coming to Hope I worked as a Quantity Surveyor with a building contractor in Ghana.

Hope offered the programme I wished to read, and most importantly the University offered the Commonwealth Shared Scholarship which was fully funded.

I found the transition to life at Hope to be smooth; I struggled with the weather and food at the beginning but I adjusted with time. I had assistance from the university staff when necessary and also I had course mates from my native Ghana and all that helped a lot.

My accommodation at Green Lane Annex was sponsored by the Commonwealth Shared Scholarship. I had lovely flatmates, one from Nigeria and two from India, and a memorable time there.

I enjoyed my time at Hope/Liverpool but I spent most of my time on campus and I wished I had made time to visit more places in Liverpool and in the UK.

I volunteered at British Trust for Conservation Volunteers (BTCV) where I participated in regular conservation tasks including tree planting, tree pruning, foot-path construction and creating wildlife habitats.            

My fondest memories of my time in Liverpool were the field trips to Liverpool and to the Netherlands. Also, the Culture Carnival when provided the stand for Ghana.

From my experience, I will say that any student that is willing to study will have the resources at Hope to successfully carry out his studies. But while occupied with studies, it will be worthwhile to also make time and visit the country side and enjoy all the good things Liverpool/UK has to offer.

I presently work as Health Safety & Environment (HSE) Officer in my native Ghana. Is secured this position as a direct result of result of the Environmental Management programme I read at Hope. I am still learning and acquiring new skills but consider my experience at Hope University as fundamental.

My initial plan was to pursue doctoral study after my MSc programme at Hope but I couldn’t carry it out due to financial constraints. At the moment, I am working full time in my home country and I will pursue further studies later in the future.

Additionally, as part of my future plans, I have registered a non-profit organisation called T-Action International with the aim of providing educational support to students and fostering community development in Ghana and thereafter in different countries in Africa. Presently, I only broadcast scholarship information to students and provide assistance during application. Plans are however in progress to set up an office and become well-established in Ghana and other countries in Africa. I look forward to collaborating with Hope University someday to execute projects with T-Action International when I get the opportunity.