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Tushar Ahmed, BA Business Management and Marketing, Bangladesh

Tushar Ahmed, BA Business Management and Marketing, Bangladesh Tuesday 8 May 2012

Tushar Ahmed, BA Business Management and Marketing, Bangladesh

Tushar joined Liverpool Hope in September 2009 and his marketing skills are shining through....and now he is the elected International Student Representative!

Tushar says: Liverpool Hope University is a small, not so famous and has strong competition from other higher ranking universities – so who chooses it for their higher studies? But I chose it for me and I can speak proudly that my decision was not wrong. After completing my H.S.C I worked at education consultancy Infozee, in Dhaka. Through my work I was concerned with lots of UK Universities. I picked Liverpool Hope University because its accreditation of 24 out of 24 for Business in the last UK Government's Quality Assurance Agency (QAA) subject review – only eight business schools had this maximum score. After coming here, I realize what really Hope wants to do for its students. It spreads knowledge among the students. Hope is a family, and after my family, it takes the best care of me. In other big-name universities, you may belong to that big name, but you would be lucky if a lecturer or professor can recognize you by your name. But at Hope all the teachers know each one of their students. We are like a strong family. Every week you can talk to lecturer if you wish because every lecturer or professor has dedicated surgery hours to meet students. They will help you in every type of academic and personal problem, or refer you who can solve it. We have a student support group for everything - from your part time job to your academic writing they can help you.

Liverpool Hope says: As well as scoring well in class Tushar has quickly made a positive contribution to Liverpool Hope. Through Hope Works he gained a job as an International Recruitment Ambassador, helping on marketing and admissions projects. He founded the Hope World Wide Facebook group which helps both students and friends of Hope to connect.

Not only that, in March, Tushar was elected International Representative for the Hope Student Union! This is a very important position. Tushar will be representing the concerns of the international student community to the University Council, and promoting and organising events. This is the first International Student representative the Student Union has had for two years and it is very significant. Tushar is a excellent choice and won the vote hands down. It is a testimony to his enthusiasm and ability to enthuse others that will ensure he will be a very successful International Representative, and will help bring Hope's international student community even stronger!

We are extremely proud of Tushar!