Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) Policy

In order to be eligible for US Department of Education Student Loans, United States students must meet the following Liverpool Hope University policies, which conform to US Department of Education regulations.

Undergraduate academic courses at Liverpool Hope University are known as “modules” and most commonly are year-long in duration, each carrying 60 credits. The required full-time study programme is four modules (120 credits) per academic year.

Students must successfully complete 120 credits at each level of their degree programme in order to progress to the next year level (Year 1 = Level C, Year 2 = Level I, Year 3 = Level H).

  • BA and BSc Degrees are three-year programmes,
  • The BA QTS Degree is a four-year programme.

Liverpool Hope University evaluates satisfactory academic progress annually.

All assignments with their grade weightings for individual assessments will be provided to students on each course at the beginning of the academic year. The Liverpool Hope University pass mark is 40% out of 100% for all assignments using the published Liverpool Hope University mark scales.

Completion Timeframes

The maximum timeframe for completion of an undergraduate certificate or degree programme, for students taking US Federal Loans, may not exceed 150% of the published length of the programme as measured in credit hours, in accordance with US Federal Loan regulations. 

  • For a three-year BA and BSc the timeframe is 4 and one half years, which equates to 80 credits per year.
  • For a four-year BA QTS the timeframe is 6 years, which equates to 80 credits per year.

In exceptional circumstances a student may appeal to extend their timeframe.

Postgraduate (graduate) programmes may have a maximum timeframe which exceeds 150% of the published length of the programme under special conditions of Interruption of Study (see below).

Periods of approved “Interruption of Study” (see below for details) will still be counted towards the completion of study timeframes for both undergraduates and postgraduates.

Any period of study in which a student does not receive Federal Loan aid will also still count towards the maximum timeframe for their academic programme.

Academic Probation

Academic Probation does not exist at Liverpool Hope University. Students are either in academic good standing, approved interruption of study or termination of studies.

Transfer Credits

Transfer Credits from another institution of higher education are approved on an individual basis by the transfer student’s accepting Liverpool Hope University academic programme and count toward the maximum timeframe for completion of that programme.

Change of Majors

Changes in major subjects can in some instances be completed within the original programme timeframe (for example, if a student is able to change their degree programme from Combined Studies to Single Subject Studies within their original academic Faculty (Academic Division), as within Education or Humanities, etc. Within the Combined Studies Degree (two majors), a student can only change one of their major subjects at the end of their first year (Level C), in which case they would have to take an extra year, in a part-time mode of study, to complete 60 credits at Level C of the new subject.

Change of Degrees

If a student changes BOTH subjects or changes to a completely new Degree Programme any previous credits earned will not count and the student is deemed to be starting again with a new timeframe.

Pursuit of Second Degrees

Liverpool Hope University permits students to pursue a second academic degree, either undergraduate or postgraduate, if they meet the relevant entry requirements for the new degree programme. 

Summer Schools

There are no summer semesters or “summer school” courses offered within Liverpool Hope University’s undergraduate or graduate degree programmes at present.


There are no “incomplete” grades at Liverpool Hope University. However, students who do not submit work, but gain 25+ for the course overall will have one resubmission opportunity, currently during the last week in August following the fail in May-June. Resubmission results are published during the second week in the following September in time for a student to progress to the next level of study if they achieve a pass and the required 120 credits for their current level of study.

Grade Change Policy

All Liverpool Hope University grades are technically “provisional” until they are formally approved by each Degree Programme’s Board of Examiners at the end of each academic year in June (and early September for resubmissions). Normally provisional grades are approved unchanged, the only exceptions being: 

  1. The discovery of plagiarism in an assignment after the initial grade is awarded. All discovered plagiarized assignments will receive a fail grade as their final approved mark. But it is still possible to pass on aggregate marks.
  2. A student’s Academic Appeal is upheld by the University’s Academic Appeal Procedure. A student can only appeal against a grade result on the grounds that published assessment procedures were not followed, but not on the grounds that they disagree with the grade awarded.
  3. (Most unusually) the discovery by the Board of Examiners at the end of the academic year that an individual or a group of students was marked unfairly given the published mark scales and assessment criteria.

Repeated Courses

Students are allowed to repeat (retake) any failed module once only. Any retaken course will receive the full credit value but, if the course has been failed due to non-submission or academic misconduct, the overall grade will be no greater than “E” (indicating a bare pass at 40%). All time periods used to pass retakes will count towards a student’s programme timeframe. If a retake is failed, the student’s studies will normally be terminated. Once a course is passed, a student cannot retake it in order to achieve a higher grade.


In order to officially Withdraw from the University, a student must complete the Liverpool Hope University “Withdrawal from Studies Form” (undergraduate or postgraduate form as appropriate). The form should be submitted either to the Help Desk in the Gateway Building foyer or mailed to Student Administration, Liverpool Hope University, Liverpool L16 9JD. The student will be liable for all Liverpool Hope University fees up to the date on their completed Withdrawal form. When a student withdraws from the University they will receive a transcript of all course credits and grades achieved, if they request one. However, they are deemed to have left the University and must reapply as a new student if they wish to return. Any previous academic credits and grades will only be accepted if they are deemed applicable to the academic programme for which the student is applying.

Unofficial Withdrawals

Any student who leaves their Liverpool Hope University course without completing the official Liverpool Hope University “Withdrawal from Studies Form,” will remain a registered Liverpool Hope University student and will be liable for all Liverpool Hope University fees for the academic year in question. It is the student’s responsibility to officially Withdraw, not the University’s to eventually discover the student is no longer attending their classes.

Interruption of Studies

(Leave of Absence) Students are allowed to interrupt their studies only after receiving formal approval from the University. Interruption of Study will normally only be granted for medical reasons, family bereavement or other serious non-academic circumstances outside the student’s control. Any student wishing to interrupt their studies should make an appointment with a Senior Academic Advisor in their Faculty (Academic Division) and complete an “Interruption of Study Form”. The form must be signed by a Senior Academic Advisor. In order to continue to qualify for US Federal Loan aid the interruption period cannot exceed 180 days in any 12 month period or extend beyond the current academic year. Any interrupted LHU student, whether receiving US Federal Loan aid or not, is normally expected to return to their studies in the September following the period of interruption. Only under exceptional circumstances will an interruption be extended longer: US Federal Loan recipients should direct such an appeal to the LHU Office of Financial Aid.

An Interrupting student will be charged for all Liverpool Hope University fees owed up to the approval date on the Liverpool Hope University “Interruption of Study Form”. Students receiving US Federal Loan aid may be liable for the return of a portion of those funds, depending on the effective date of the Interruption. Any student considering Interruption of Study is strongly advised to seek advice from the Liverpool Hope University Finance Office before making their decision. Otherwise, during an approved Interruption of Study period the student continues in their Liverpool Hope University registered student status. For US Federal Loan recipients this means “in-school” status.

For repayment purposes you will not have to begin repayment of loan funds. However, if you do not return, the Last Day of Attendance for start of repayment calculation will be the date the Interruption of Study was effective, and you may have already used up your allowed grace period.

Unofficial Interruption of Study

Any student who interrupts their studies without University approval by completing the LHU “Interruption of Study Form” will remain registered on all their courses and will be liable for all LHU fees.

Non-credit Remedial Courses

Liverpool Hope University does not offer non-credit remedial courses.

Appeals Procedure

Students have the right to appeal against any academic decision, including termination of studies, but it must be on one of the following grounds: (1) of Medical evidence or other serious mitigating circumstances (as bereavement of a close family member or life-threatening illness) not previously submitted or (2) the student can produce documentary evidence showing that published academic procedures were not followed in their case. Academic Appeals should be directed to The University’s full Appeals Procedure is published in the annual Student Handbook available to all students. Appeals will be dealt with in a prompt manner so that, if successful, the student can re-engage with their studies as quickly as possible. There is no probationary period at LHU as part of the appeals process, or in any other context. If the Appeal is successful the Appeals Team will inform the student of any outstanding work that needs completion and/or of their pass and progress status. 

If the appeals process determines that a students progress has been affected by valid mitigating circumstances, the student would be given an opportunity, as if for the first time to submit missed assessments or to attend modules again. The timescale will vary according to circumstances but for assessment only issues the matter could be resolved by the following semester allowing the student to progress on schedule, in other cases progression would be delayed by 12months.

Termination of Studies

LHU only terminates a student’s registration on grounds of serious lack of engagement with their modules regarding attendance and the submission of assignments, and/or for serious infraction of the University’s Code of Behaviour. Any student who fails a retake of a course (the second attempt to pass the module including the full resit opportunity) will also have their studies terminated.

Termination of Student Aid

When a student formally Interrupts Study, Withdraws from the University, or has their studies Terminated, their student aid will be terminated. Renewal of student aid will only be approved after an Interrupted student has registered for new modules (courses). For all other students in the above categories, student aid can only be renewed after they have reapplied and been offered a place on an Liverpool Hope University academic programme.