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Health Advice

We want you to enjoy your experience in the UK and can offer advice and support to those who come with a pre-existing medical condition or disability, or if you become unwell while you are here.


Health advice in the UK

There are several things you can do before travelling to prepare yourself:

  • Tier 4 Visa Holders - you will be asked to pay an Immigration Health Surcharge as part of your visa – this will cover you for medical treatment in the UK

  • Student Visitor Visa holders (non EU) - Students who are in the UK for less than six months should have a private health insurance policy

  • Student Visitor Visa holders (EU) - If you are from a European country you should obtain a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) before you leave home 


 If you become ill after arrival, you can access UK health services in the following ways: 

  • Mild illness (cough, cold, stomach upset) - visit a Pharmacy or Chemist and ask the Pharmacist for advice. He/she will recommend suitable over-the counter medication 
  • Minor injury or persistent symptoms - you can use one of the Walk-in Centres at Garston Hospital or the City Centre 
  • Existing medical condition or illness lasting more than a few days - you can register with a Health Centre or General Practitioner – you can then book an appointment to see a Doctor (you may have to wait several days for an appointment). It is free to register and free for the consultation, which will usually last no longer than five minutes 
  • Urgent or very severe symptoms, or medical emergencies - you can go without appointment to an Accident and Emergency Centre - there is one in the City Hospital (Liverpool Teaching Hospital).  Please note that you will have to wait in a queue for up to five hours before receiving a diagnosis 
  • Serious Medical Emergencies only - (for example, if you are seriously hurt, cannot breathe or suspect you have broken a bone) - call the emergency services by dialling 999. The call is free including from mobile phones – you will need to supply your symptoms and location.



Meningitis and Meningococcal Septicaemia develop quickly and can be life threatening within hours. Students who live in close proximity to each other are at risk. Two weeks before you are due to arrive at the University you must receive the A, C, Y and W meningitis vaccine


Disability or Support Needs

On your application, please declare any support needs you may have, so that the Student Support and Well-being team can work with you to write a Learning Support Plan, so that you receive the help you need during your course. Further information is available here:

Disability and Dyslexia

Mental Health Support

Reasonable Adjustments


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