Current Vacancies

Call for NEBOSH and IOSH Accredited Tutors

Lecturer/Senior Lecturer in Human Resource Management - Ref: 2ABUSIM41 (Two Posts)

Lecturer/Senior Lecturer in Management Sciences - Ref: 2ABUSIM42

Lecturer in Sociology - Ref: 2ASOCSC01 

Professor of Education - Ref:2AEDS1K

Lecturer/Senior Lecturer in Education - Special Educational Needs & Disability -Ref: 2AEDS1L

Lecturer/Senior Lecturer in Education - Psychology or Sociology of Education - Ref: 2AEDS1M

Post Doctoral Teaching Fellow in Education (Four Posts) - Ref:2AEDS1PD

Professional Tutor/Lab Manager in Psychology - Ref: 2APSYCH12

Lecturer in Psychology - Ref: 2APSYCH11

Lecturer in Criminology - Ref: 2ASOCSC02

Senior Lecturer in Sociology - Ref: 2ASOCSC03

Senior Lecturer in Law - Ref: 2ABUSIMA1

Senior Professional Tutor in Law - Ref: 2ABUSIMA2

Post-Doctoral Teaching Fellow in Law - Ref: 2ABUSIMA3

Visiting Professorial Fellows in Education - Ref: 2AEDDA1

Press and Social Media Officer - Ref:4ACOC1C

Lecturer in Sports Coaching and Coaching Sciences - Ref: 2AHEALS35A

Post-Doctoral Teaching Fellow Childhood and Youth Studies - Ref: 2ASCJ30

Lecturer/Senior Lecturer in Electronic Engineering - Ref:2ACOMPU10

Lecturer/Senior Lecturer in Social Policy - Ref: 2ASCJ39A

Lecturer in Social Work Ref: 2ASCJ31

Lecturer/Senior Lecturer in Early Childhood - Ref:2AEDS1P

Head of Postgraduate Studies - Ref: 2ATEE01

Dean of the Faculty of Science Ref: 2ASSO6 (Internal Candidates only)

Post Doctoral Teaching Fellow in Early Childhood Ref: - 2AEDS1Q

Resident Tutor Ref: - 6SSWB1D