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Job Description - Senior Professional Tutor

Post of Senior Professional Tutor 

Senior Professional Tutors at the University are not expected to engage in REF-level research, although scholarly activity is still required.  In place of research, tutors are expected to bring ‘recent, relevant and significant’ professional experience to the University and to work to ensure that this experience is reflected in the curriculum and in their teaching. 

Key duties of post 

The academic Role Profile for Senior Professional Tutor gives further and precise guidance regarding the level and type of activity required at this grade at Hope.  Below is a broad indication of typical key duties. This job description is a guide to the work you will initially be required to undertake. It may be changed from time to time to meet changing circumstances.  It does not form part of your Contract of Employment. 

Pedagogic work, including:

•          Teaching/lecturing, tutorial and seminar work across undergraduate level in the subject specialisms and where appropriate across other provision in the Faculty

•          Marking of examinations and other forms of assessment

•          Supervision of undergraduate dissertations

•          Monitoring the performance of students through appropriate assessment criteria and provide effective feedback and guidance

•          Seeking ways of improving own performance by reflecting on teaching design and delivery and obtaining and analysing feedback and determining improvements. 

Curriculum development, including:

•          Work with others to design content of learning materials within existing frameworks and to make modifications to existing materials based on feedback from learners

•          Collaboration with colleagues across the department in curriculum development 

Knowledge and experience:

•          Possess sufficient breadth or depth of specialist knowledge and experience to provide high-level expertise informed by recent practice as it relates to graphic design provision

•          Take opportunities for continuous professional development as related to own subject area and/or area of professional expertise 

Administration, covering

•          Assisting with day-to-day administrative duties in the subject team, for example by providing support and guidance to students