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Our aim is to develop students’ capacities in five key areas; intellectual integrity, intellectual curiosity, core knowledge, contextual knowledge, and legal values and professional skills.

Liverpool Hope University has responded to the appeal from the Law Society for there to be a greater focus on ethics in the academic stage of legal education. Accordingly the Law Department teaching and learning content and ethos is governed by a concentration on the moral component of the traditional knowledge, technical expertise and skill elements of legal education (“thinking like a lawyer”).

Studying the Law Major, our basic teaching framework encompasses the following core subjects – Public Law (Constitutional and Administrative Law and English Legal System), Legal Method (Research and Theory), European Law, Criminal Law and the Law of Obligations (Contract, Remedies and Tort). In addition to a depth of learning in areas of basic legal knowledge and generic skills we provide the equipment for sound judgement, wider civic and common professional virtues, the development of plural and democratic values and the promotion of civic justice and fairness.

On the LLB programme we cover the major subject areas that will equip you for your onward progress into the Vocational Study phase and professional practice. However you will learn more than a set of rules, rule analysis and professional practice skills, important though these are. You will examine those rules in their social and civic context and critically analyse their meaning and purpose. You will develop a deep understanding of the theoretical basis of the law and how it relates to concepts of justice, ethics and individuality. Our aim is to encourage students to develop into reflective, ethical professionals of the future.

National Student Survey 2017

The National Student Survey ( asks final year students at every publicly funded Higher Education Institution (HEI) in the UK to rate their experience by stating to what extent they agree with a set of core questions across a number of categories.

In this year’s results:

  • 83.59% of students were satisfied with the teaching on their course when studying Law at Liverpool Hope University



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