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Rules and Regulations

Security and Safety

  • Users of the libraries should be registered members i.e. staff, students, visitors or sixth formers. Access is also provided to members of
     the constituent libraries of the Liverpool Libraries Together, Sconul Access or any other group that the Director of Library and Learning Spaces has given permission to use the facilities
  • Please note that members of library staff or Liverpool Hope security personnel may ask you for proof of membership or right to use the library
  • You will be required to show your ID card to gain admission to Liverpool Hope libraries. You cannot access the library if you do not produce such proof. Your card is also required to borrow any material
  • Failure to produce your ID card is monitored and you may be refused entry
  • Do not allow others to use your ID card to enter the library
  • Visitors or those not possessing a valid Hope ID card must show other approved proof of membership in order to gain access
  • Lockers are provided in The Sheppard-Worlock Library.  Liverpool Hope takes no responsibility for items left in lockers
  • The Library Service takes no responsibility for personal belongings so please take care of your bags, laptops, coats and other belongings. Do
     not leave them unattended at any time or use them to reserve a study space or PC
  • Users should leave the building immediately by the nearest fire exit if the fire alarm sounds or follow instructions given by a Fire Marshall.  Please wait at one of the designated fire assembly points until you have been told that you can re-enter the building
  • Users should leave any section of the library when requested by a member of staff
  • Membership of the library can be withdrawn or suspended in relation to theft, misbehaviour, debt, damage, etc.


Respect your learning environment

  • The Sheppard-Worlock Library has designated Silent, Quiet and Group work areas, please respect other library users by choosing the correct zone for the type of work you are undertaking

  • Because of the rare and delicate nature of some of the materials held in the Special Collections vault there may be a need to have handling
    training and guidance before using these materials. Click here for more information

  • The Computer Assisted Technology (CAT Suite) houses specialist equipment to support students with a disability.  This space should not be used by
    students who have not had this need identified in a Learning Support Plan

  • Mobile devices should be used with consideration for other library users and following the guidance given for the space you are working in
    e.g. phones should be switched off in Silent areas

  • Drinks in bottles or cups with lids are permitted in the library. A drinking water cooler is available in Chapters café

  • The consumption of food should primarily be in Chapters café, please refer to signage in other areas of the library for further guidance. 
    Library users can bring their own food such as sandwiches or salads to eat in Chapters cafe, however this does not include hot food including takeaways such as chips or pizzas which cannot be brought into any part of the library

  • The Honours room is restricted to honours level students only and users of this space may be asked to provide identification. In order to
    obtain the door access code from staff at the Security or Library Help Point you must produce a valid honours ID card. Please do not give this code to other students. You must not prop open the door

  • The Post Graduate Space is restricted to academic staff, taught Masters and research students only and users of this space may be asked to provide identification. In order to obtain the door access code from staff at the Security or Library Help Point you must produce a valid ID card. Please do not give this code to other students. You must not prop open the door

  • Please follow the guidance provided when using the room booking system

  • Users may bring children when visiting the library but they should only be in the library for short periods of time for example to
     collect or return some books and should avoid the Silent and Quiet Study areas.  An adult must be supervising the child at all times and
     under 16 year olds must leave the library by 9pm. If the child is disturbing other library users you could be asked to leave the library

  • In line with University policy smoking and vaping is not allowed within the libraries or learning spaces and outside the entrance to The
    Sheppard-Worlock Library. Please use one of the designated smoking areas


Protecting and updating your data

  • Liverpool Hope University is legally bound by Data Protection legislation. Your information will not be used or disclosed to other
    readers, including family members
  • You are responsible for all items borrowed on your ID card and you should not allow anyone else to borrow, renew or pay fines on your card.
    Under exceptional circumstances e.g. sickness you can provide written consent to authorise a designated person to act for you
  • Do not borrow material on anyone else's ID card
  • You must notify the library immediately if you lose your card. A £5 charge is made for a replacement, unless the card was stolen, in which
    case a police crime number is required to enable the charge to be waived
  • Do not leave library catalogue computers or the room booking PC logged on to your personal account


Financial and Legal

  • You are responsible for fines accrued on your record  If you owe over £5.00 you will be unable to renew materials or borrow further
    material until the debt is reduced to £5.00 or below
  • Outstanding debt or the non-return of material may result in a warning and then the withdrawal of borrowing rights
  • Students must return all items that have been borrowed and pay off any fines accrued before graduation
  • If you are a member of staff or visitor you will be prevented from renewing your membership if there are outstanding loans or debts to the
    library when your membership expires
  • You are advised to use all credits on your network printing and photocopying account, as there will be no refund of credit remaining at
    the end of your course
  • All photocopying, printing or scanning undertaken must abide by the advertised current copyright legislation and licence

Use of IT Facilities

  • All users of the University's Information Technology facilities have an obligation to use the resources in a responsible, professional, ethical and lawful manner. Details of the “Acceptable Use” and "Information Security” Policies can be found on the IT Services Webpage.

  • Do not use PC desktop to store your work as these are cleared every time the PC is logged or switched off and you will not be able to retrieve
    your work.  Please save your work to either your network (I:) drive or a pen drive

  • Please do not leave a PC logged into your account when you are not using the computer

Notice on inappropriate behaviour

  • Our colleagues are here to help you, and we are committed to helping resolve any problems or queries you might have. Liverpool Hope values a respectful, collegial and supportive environment for all members of the community. Therefore, verbal or physical abuse, aggressive or other inappropriate behaviour will not be tolerated. Serious or repeated failure to abide by the Library Services Student Charter and Rules and Regulations will result in appropriate disciplinary action being taken in line with the University's Code of Student Discipline.