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Expert Comment: Advent – ’Tis the season

Christmas tree Thursday 10 December 2015

Michael McGlynn, Assistant Chaplain and Student Events Co-ordinator, shares his thoughts on the countdown to the festive season.

I really wanted a new camera.

I didn’t want any old camera, it was a GoPro. I’d seen the magnificent images other people had produced with this little beast and was convinced that my life was in need.

I made a deal with my wife, I would sell some of my possessions on eBay and purchase the camera with the money raised. I spent the next few weeks going through listing various old items online hoping to make enough money, it wasn’t going well.

I had a pair of football boots I’d owned for a while and they were beautiful, if such a thing can be said about football boots, I was half tempted to sell them as I knew they have value but they were too precious.

As time went on it became apparent I wasn’t going to achieve my goal by selling tired books and used DVD’s, I reluctantly turned to my beloved boots and put them up for auction. 7 days later they had gone and the money was in my hand, then something funny happened.

I began to question my need for the camera I’d spent so long saving for, was it worth selling my beloved football boots and to top it off my wife was thinking of many more ‘useful’ areas where our newly acquired money could be spent.

This got my thinking about waiting.

We wait for lots of things, all the time.

We wait for holidays, babies, lunch, news, that phone call.

Waiting tests us, tries us and exposes the motives behind our longing.

Was my camera really worth the journey I went on to get it?

During Advent we celebrate waiting. People waited for Jesus, Mary waited for her son, the wise men and shepherds waited for a king, the Jewish people waited for a Messiah.

All waiting, all different. No matter who the people were and how they felt, Jesus arrived in the middle of it all.

This Advent how do you feel?  What are you waiting for?

What will it look like when Jesus arrives right in the middle of it?

In the end I bought the camera, it’s wonderful but I’m still dreaming of my old football boots.


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