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Expert Comment: Dr Brian Christopher Jones discusses the future of UK politics

Dr Brian Jones 150x150 Wednesday 6 January 2016

Lecturer in Public Law Brian Christopher Jones discussed reformation of the House of Lords in a piece for the International Journal of Constitutional Law blog I-CONnect.

In a paper titled A Middle Ground for Democratic Accountability: Retention Elections for the House of Lords? Dr Jones looked at whether retention elections could be a viable proposal for the House of Lords and provide a number of advantages.

He stated:Retention elections could provide the democratic accountability the public so desires, and could also help retain the independence and valued expertise of members, characteristics of which ensure the value and unique nature of the Lords.”

A research article by Dr Jones has also been published in the January 2016 edition of the legal journal Public Law.

In his paper Preliminary Warnings on ‘Constitutional’ Idolatry Dr Jones discusses the UK’s stance as one of the few jurisdictions not in possession of a single written constitution. He comments on what such as document should look like, if it is to be introduced.

You can read a version of the Public Law piece here and the full I-CONnect article here.

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