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Expert Comment: Should more children be in care?

Child being cared for Wednesday 7 November 2012

Rose Devereux from Liverpool Hope's Department of Social Work, examines MPs' proposal that more children at risk should be put into care.

Looking at MPs' suggestion that more children should be put in care; do they see this as the only answer? Children and young people are at risk
in the care system as we can see today. Young people continue to suffer abuse at the so called hands of those that are supposed to care.

Today I sat with an older person who receives services from Personal Services Society (PSS) because of the neglect and sexual abuse he suffered in the care system in the 1970s he has mental and physical scars to show for his time in the care system. Should we continue to take a chance with the
lives of the most vulnerable in society?

Are we not able to explore early interventions to support parents rather than label them as neglectful and incapable of improving? This statement
comes at a time when vital services are being cut due to the short sightedness and the failure of this government to see cutting such vital
services will only attribute to more children coming into the care system. We need to support families to be able to parent successfully by offering
support and guidance.

Where possible children and young people should be brought up with family and or significant others and in an area that is familiar to them.
However if there are no possibilities of this regular and meaningful contact should be maintained as research shows when leaving the care
system the majority of young people will return home.

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