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Expert comment: Trump's election is the latest 'shock' to world of politics

Donald Trump Wednesday 9 November 2016

Head of the Social Work, Care and Justice Department Professor Michael Lavalette reflects on what the future holds with Donald Trump as US president.  

There is no doubt that many of us will be deeply shocked by the US election result. A right-wing populist, a racist, a man accused of abusing women and, let's be frank, a buffoon. 

His election will make life much worse for minority communities in the States, I think it makes the world less safe because he is such a loose canon and it's a disaster for the movement against climate change.

His election is yet another example of voter disillusionment with the failings of mainstream politicians and politics. In the US the effects of the 2008 crash has left most Americans worse off and mainstream politicians, like Clinton, just promised more of the same. Trump promised to break all this and gained popular support as a result. 

He put himself forward as the man to represent the poor and 'disenfranchised' (white) population. But the billionaire Trump can't deliver to meet their needs - how is he going to build the homes, create the manufacturing jobs, address the needs of this constituency? 

And how does he speak to Black, Asian and Latino communities?

The tax avoider president will pursue his own agenda that will not make life better for ordinary Americans. He has promised tax cuts for the fabulously wealthy and to protect the interests of US capital. He is no friend of working people. I suspect, after the honeymoon, there will be quick disillusionment. 

In this situation what people in the States do matters. If they organise, they can pull together to offer an alternative poll of attraction. This needs to happen as a matter of urgency.

But I don't live in the States. So people like me must do whatever we can to offer support and solidarity to those in struggle against racism and Trump in the States. 

And we need to make a commitment - if he dares to try a show up in Britain we need to organise the largest number of people onto the streets to emphasise that him, and his divisive politics, are not welcome here.


Picture: By original creator Gage Skidmore; add'l cropping User:Ihardlythinkso (File:Donald Trump 2013 cropped.jpg) [CC BY-SA 3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

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