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10 things I wouldn’t have done if I’d stayed at home

Canada view Wednesday 9 December 2015

All this week you can find out about international exchange – where you can spend a semester or even a year abroad at one of our partner universities across the world.

Andrew Bourke spent a year studying Politics and International Relations at Trent University in Canada. Here are the ten things Andrew says he wouldn’t have done, had he stayed at home:  

  1. Met the most incredible group of friends from all around the world.
  2. Ski to class!
  3. Had the opportunity to travel extensively across the US and Canada.
  4. Experienced a totally different way of life.
  5. Had my eyes opened to a wide variety of different cultures.
  6. Witnessed a temperature change from +30C to – 25C in a matter of months.
  7. Be chased through a forest by a black bear.
  8. Co-host a radio show.
  9. Develop my independent skills and gain an understanding of what I would like to do with my life in the future.
  10. Grew closer to my course by studying in a completely different environment.

You can see some of Andrew’s amazing pictures on our Flickr gallery.

Andrew hopes to return to Canada after completing his degree.

James Smith studied in Angers, France. He said: “Having studied Music abroad in Angers, France, I cannot emphasise enough how much of an eye-opening experience studying abroad can be. It offers tremendous life experience and a chance to meet new friends while studying part of your degree in a new cultural setting and is a great chance to learn or develop a second language.”

Rebecca Kelly went to the USA. She says: “I studied one semester at Lock Haven University of Pennsylvania, USA. My time abroad gave me not only new academic experiences but also personal and life experiences. Whilst studying in America, I gained independence, cultural awareness, and most importantly for me, confidence. Classes were very different to Hope, they were much shorter and there were more short exams rather than long essays to write, but, I soon got used to it and made the most of a different academic experience.”

There will be a stand set up in the Gateway Foyer between 12:30-1:30pm each day this week, as well as a specific information session on Friday 11th December at 1pm in the Employability Hub.  Students can also email with questions or to arrange an appointment to speak to someone about Liverpool Hope’s international exchange programme.

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