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ARION2 speed bike rider testing takes place at Liverpool Hope

arion at hope Tuesday 23 February 2016

Rider testing for the World Human Power Speed Challenge took place at Liverpool Hope’s new Sports Science labs. 

Liverpool Hope University’s Sports Science Department is working with The University of Liverpool Velocipede (ULV) Team to find a female rider for the ARION2 speed bike which will compete in the World Human Power Speed Challenge this September.

In 2015, the ULV Team broke the British human powered land speed record on ARION1 with a staggering 75 mph. This year the team aim to challenge for both the male and female world records.

Liverpool Hope is this year providing both the facilities and sports scientists to ensure the ULV Team has the best chance at breaking the records this time around.

Six female applicants were put through a battery of physiological tests to help determine which of them can be the new rider of the ARION2.

The gruelling physical tests were designed Dr Simon Marwood and Dr Pete Angell and the ARION 2 team to push the athletes to their limits, and allow the Team to gather the data needed to make a decision.

Once the final female and male riders are selected, Dr Marwood will use a mathematical model to determine the power outputs required to break the record and Dr Angell will help to devise the training programme that will enable them to meet the demands of a record-breaking run.

Dr Marwood said: "We're looking forward to working with the ARION team again, and building on what we all learned last year. We’re excited by the challenge of combining the ARION team’s cutting-edge engineering with our sports science expertise to take on the 2016 World Human Power Speed Challenge. It is exciting that the first major Sports Science project to take place in our new Health Science building is one that could lead to a world record.” 

Rory Curtis from The University of Liverpool Velocipede (ULV) Team said: “The ARION2 will be a lean mean racing machine and thanks to the state of the art sport science facilities at Liverpool Hope University we will be able to find a rider capable of taming it!”

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Dr Simon Marwood

Dr Peter Angell

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