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Business School student given Acting Head opportunity

Claudia Hurlock Business School Wednesday 9 March 2016

Running the Business School for a day was an exhilarating challenge for Business Management student Claudia Hurlock, who took over at the helm as Acting Head for a day. Here she talks about the unique experience.

My time as Head of the Business School for a day was an absolutely unrivalled experience consisting of meetings, a luncheon in London and aiding in the preparation for applicant day with the Assistant Heads of the Business School Matt Grogan and Jess Bull.

The first event that I took part in was the luncheon in London’s Mansion House hosted by Professional Liverpool. The entire day was fascinating, getting the chance to network with a variety of professionals and academics, all of whom were extremely welcoming and made it very easy despite my nerves. During the course of the lunch there were also various speeches about the development of Liverpool plus a speech from Lord Heseltine about his support of the regeneration of Liverpool. From this experience alone I have developed my network considerably and gained some invaluable advice about my future career.

The next part of my appointment as Head of the Business School was attending a staff meeting, but not only was I attending, I was also asked to chair it as well. I was given all the information before the meeting, plus the itinerary. I then had to chair the meeting of about 20 staff members, ensuring that we did not run over the allocated time and got all the information needed from the aims of the afternoon. Although I was slightly nervous about chairing the meeting, it ran smoothly and we kept to the allocated time. This experience taught me a lot about my confidence, and also has given me a clearer view of some things I need to work on for my personal development.

The day after the staff meeting was the full day commencing my role, which started with a meeting with the Vice Chancellor Professor Pillay. The subject of the meeting was the National Student Survey and student engagement in the Business School. We notified Professor Pillay of some discrepancies we have found with the NSS and he then asked us about our experiences as students of the Business School. The meeting was really interesting and very enjoyable.

The next meeting was with the Dean, Professor Nick Rees, where we discussed ongoing projects that are happening in the Business School and the processes that will take place in order for these projects to happen. It was very interesting to find out how rigorous the decision making processes of the University are and also to find out more about some of the projects that are currently happening in the Business School.

Another big part of the day was preparing the Business School for Applicant Day. This involved renewing the boards around the building and ensuring that all of the information is up to date, plus giving ideas about how the Business School can further entice applicants to join. Alongside this was a meeting with Dr Martin Carey, Donna Harper and Dr Tonci Grubic to determine the best options for gaining applicant interest, including a staff and student-voiced letter to applicants to tell them about some of the experiences and opportunities they could have at the Business School.

All in all this experience has been invaluable to me and my personal development. I feel like I have helped the Business School achieve some of its aims, whilst also growing my network, improving my confidence, and gaining some unrivalled hands-on experience. I am extremely grateful to have taken part. 


Jessica Bull, who was given the role of Assistant Head of the Business School also shares her experience. 

When sitting in a classroom, I never understood the amount of work that goes into running the Business School at Liverpool Hope University. The experience was scheduled over two days, and the first commenced with a rather busy staff meeting. The meeting initiated talks about an inter-relationship between Liverpool Hope University and a college in Pakistan, which would result in Indian students travelling to Hope in order to complete a section of their degree. This was something I found fascinating, as the vast amount of cultures that are represented at Hope, not only in staff but in students, makes it such an exciting place to learn.

Day two began with a meeting with Professor Pillay. Before the meeting, I had never met Professor Pillay, and although he holds a position of authority, his humbleness and ability to allow you to feel included was astonishing. I felt the meeting was really successful, as he asked our opinions as students on how we felt the subjects we studied could be made better. Second was a meeting with Dr Rees, who highlighted to us the process of starting a new course and the different stages in implementing the subject into courses that the University offers. Finally, we were asked to ‘revamp’ the business school ahead of Applicant Day. It was really surprising how much I underestimated the time it takes to do the simplest tasks. The experience taught me to never underestimate the processes involved in a management position. 

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